Automation solutions for microplate readers

Microplate readers are a valuable tool in many applications involving large numbers of samples, such as high-throughput screening (HTS). HTS requires the measurement of many different combinations of different compounds at different concentrations, often in different cell or sample types, and with a reasonable number of replicates. 

The measurement is usually made using luminescence, fluorescence or absorbance. Since the number of samples that can be measured in a single microplate is limited (typically 96 or 384 samples per plate), many microplates must be measured for a single experiment. 

This means loading the microplates into the reader, waiting for the plate to be measured, removing the plate from the reader and starting again. The task requires no knowledge or skill, but it keeps the technician busy for a long time. In this situation, automation is highly desirable. Microplate handlers can easily handle this task, but automating more complex workflows may require other solutions.

S-Lab™ Pro automated plate handler

To support you in your high-throughput applications, we have developed a software driver which allows our microplate readers to easily integrate with the S-Lab™ Pro microplate handler. This system offers many advanced features:

  • Capacity for up to 100 microplates (80 with lid).
  • Compact plate handler (portrait or landscape), with the reliability of a robotic arm. Can fit within a standard laboratory safety cabinet.
  • Handles lidded microplates providing sterility for cell-based or sensitive assays and preventing evaporation.
  • Barcode reading for reliable, unattended operation.
  • Intuitive user interface with PC, tablet or smartphone.

The S-Lab™ Pro is compatible with the Tristar Multimode Readers and with the Centro Microplate Luminometer.

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The Berthold Tristar & Centro together with the S-LAB™ Pro automated plate handler from PAA

Learn how to automate microplate handling for high-throughput workflows by integrating the Tristar and Centro microplate readers with the S-LAB Pro from PAA.

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Compatible instruments

Microplate reader automation software

Due to the Automation Server, which is part of our LightCompass® Software, our Microplate Readers can be integrated in any automation platform and can easily be connected to any sort of LIM System. The available communication APIs make the integration easy and fast to implement.


Standalone microplate automation solutions

If your wokflow involves washing and dispensing microplates in 96-well or 384-well format, we have you covered: our workstations allow walk-away automation of ELISA and other microplate-based assays, and our microplate washers offer high-througput microplate washing.

Are you looking for a customized automation solution? Have a look at out OEM partnering solutions.

Automatisierte ELISA-Systeme

Unsere Assay-Workstations ermöglichen eine vollständige Automatisierung von ELISAs und anderen Assays, die gewaschen, dispensiert, inkubiert und analysiert werden müssen


Berthold Technologies bietet High-End 96-Kanal-Mikroplatten-Wascher für 96er und 384er Wellplatten an. Für Anwendungen mit hohem Durchsatz sind sie mit einer automatisierten Mikroplattenbeladung durch einen integrierten Stacker ausgestattet

Need help automating your microplate-based assays?

Please contact us with any request regarding the integration of our Microplate Readers into an external system (hardware or software). We will be happy to assist and find a suitable solution.


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