Well-type detectors optimized for best counting efficiency

The Multi Crystal Gamma Counter uses high-performance NaI well-type detectors that minimize variance effects caused by sample volume and position to guarantee best counting efficiencies. The crystals cover an energy range from 10 to 510 KeV suitable to detect 125I, 57Co, 131I, 51CR, 75Se and 99TC. The 6 mm lead shielding surrounds each detector providing 12 mm lead shielding between detectors to decrease crosstalk between samples and/or background radiation.

High throughput, long service life

The 12-detector version of the Gamma Counter enables analysis of 204 samples in 17 minutes using a 1-minute counting time per sample and more than 1,300 samples an hour can be measured using the 24-detector model. A complete series of measurements can be prepared in advance using multiple sample racks and numerous tubes. As the Multi Crystal contains no moving parts, sample jamming and expensive belt repairs are never a problem.

Safe and reliable measurement

The sample rack concept of the Gamma Counter prevents contamination entering the instrument from tubes that are contaminated on the outside. The tubes are placed into racks for signal measurement which can be cleaned and decontaminated easily. To satisfy quality management requirements LBIS as well as MikroWin support QM functions. Including efficiency, absolute & relative background, relative detector efficiency and high voltage adjustment. In order to facilitate instrument QC a single-tube or 12-tube 125I or 57Co sources of 2 KBq/tube are available.

Convenient software options and LIMS connectivity

Several software options are available for measurement and data analysis:

  • The system can work in stand-alone mode, no computer needed. Just attach a keyboard, screen and printer directly to the gamma counter, and start measuring.
  • LBIS provides a Windows based intuitive graphical user interface delivering straightforward instrument control and data analysis which makes getting started easy. LBIS supports a wide variety of applications, such as competitive (RIA) and immunometric (IRMA) assays with superior curve fitting algorithms. Convenient import/export functionality enables to upload patient information and to download results.
  • The MikroWin software is a complete solution providing instrument control, data collection, analysis and reporting. MikroWin enables evaluation of any kind of screening assays using controls, classifications and calculation groups. Sophisticated curve fitting routines (linear or nonlinear) enable sample quantification and reliable results even at low concentrations. The Advance version of the software provides 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and has additional QC features, such as configurable user hierarchies, audit trail with automated Log-file generation, automated file-name generation, control history for validation, and assay LOT-No. Verification.