Technology Highlights

Simple and intuitive operation

  • Continuous measurement
  • Highest sensitivity to smallest changes
  • Completely stainless steel construction of measuring flowcell


State of the art technology

  • High statistical accuracy and longterm stability
  • Very simple calibration
  • Mass flow evaluation

Features for high demands

Due to its low radiation energy, the LB 379 uses an Am-241 source which features low energy gamma and a half-life time of several hundred years. The LB 379 provides high statistical accuracy and long-term stability by integrating highly sensitive scintillation detectors with patented drift compensation.
This system features a flowcell which must replace a setment of the pipeline. The flowcell is made from stainless steel and is also available with Teflon lining for wear resistant operation with products with high viscosity or high solids content.

LB 379 Measuring unit for special applications

Due to the use of the low-energy isotope Am-241 or Cm-244, the LB 379 is able to detect elements depending on their atomic number.
This way, the concentration can be determined even if the density of the mixture changes only slightly or not at all.
Application examples: %HCI, %H2SO4 and %Zn in aqueous solution.

Separate evaluation unit

DuoSeries LB 474

The DuoSeries LB 474 radiometric density system uses 2-wire technology.

Sources & Shields

Sources & Shields

The sources and shields used in our radiometric systems are the safest and highest quality on the market. Our shielding containers provide optimal reduction in doserate.


Density measurement Product brochure

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Density LB 474 with LB 379 Manual

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