Technology Highlights

Simple and intuitive operation

  • Inexpensive and solid system for standard applications
  • Compact field device with integrated transmitter
  • Multiple digital and analog outputs and inputs make the Uni-Probe universally adaptable


State of the art technology

  • Communication via HART, Foundation Fieldbus or Profibus PA
  • Communication can be switched over from Bus to HART at any time
  • High operational safety, FMEDA with SFF 96%

Features for high demands

The level measuring system Uni-Probe LB 490 has interfaces for HART, Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus.
Even if the LB 490 level measurement is used in Profibus or Fieldbus systems, it is always possible to switch to HART communication if required. The separate 4-20mA current output can be used as a signal output (e.g. for a remote display).


Easy measurement on extremely thick walls

Large containers with extremely thick walls require very high activities. When using the SuperSENS, the source activities can be significantly reduced.
If you have measurements with point detectors and you are faced with the decision to replace the now weak sources, switching to a SuperSENS detector can push back the replacement of the source, as the higher detector sensitivity extends the useful life of the source.


Designed for unlimited measuring ranges

Do you have large measuring ranges? No problem! The Uni-Probe TowerSENS is available in lengths up to 8 m. This saves you the cost-intensive use of multiple detectors that are connected to a multi-detector system. Installation and commissioning is simplified, since no other devices must be linked via interfaces. Ultimately, the risk of failure is reduced because the TowerSENS only requires electronics for up to 8 m. If the measuring range exceeds 8 m, additional TowerSENS can be connected to each other.


Pages of Whitepaper radiometric measurement

Whitepaper "Radiometric Measurements"

A whitepaper explaining how radiometric measurements work and the components, as well as how they can be optimized for the highest accuracy and reproducibility. The paper explains best practices and how proper design minimizes error.

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Publication Made to measure in Hydrocarbon Engineering

Article "Made to measure"

Do you need reliable control of your fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) process, but the extreme process conditions are beyond the limitaitons of standard measurement technologies? Read the article “Made to measure” to learn why the use of radiometric measurement systems can help to optimize level control in FCC units, and how Berthold systems can help you to control your process more reliably to ensure safe operation while increasing efficiency. The LB 490 is often used to monitor the FCC process.

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Sources & Shields

Sources & Shields

The sources and shields used in our radiometric systems are the safest and highest quality on the market. Our shielding containers provide optimal reduction in doserate.


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