Located in the middle of the Northern Black Forest region, the town of Bad Wildbad is mainly known for its thermal springs and as a health resort. In this region, conditions are perfect for creative ideas – the basis for the growth of our company.

Berthold Technologies' growth is illustrated, among other things, by the expansion of the company’s premises. According to the motto “every 10 years a new building”, a modern business complex has been created over the past 60 years. Certainly, we have not yet laid the final cornerstone when is comes to building new premises and if sales, staff and production figures continue to grow as in the past, we will definitely continue enlarging our capacities.

As well as an administration and two production buildings, a radiation source production can be found within the premises.

2011 the Berthold premises in Bad Wildbad comprises an area of 19.395 sqm in total. The total effective area of all buildings is 12.135 sqm.