Company Development


Prof. Dr. Rudolf Berthold founded the company under
the name "Laboratorium Prof. Dr. Rudolf Berthold"
in Bad Wildbad.

1960his son Sohn Dr. Fritz Berthold took over the Management.
1989the company was acquired by the US-company EG&G, later
named PerkinElmer Inc.
2000the Berthold family, together with Hans J. Oberhofer, re-
purchased the business units Process Control, Bioanalytic
and Radiation Protection and continued these businesses
under the name Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co. KG with
Hans J. Oberhofer als Managing Director and Dr. Fritz Berthold
as Chairman of the Advisory Board..
2003Dr. Wilfried Reuter joined the company as CTO and Shareholder.
2012Hans J. Oberhofer retired, but he is still available as Member
of the Advisory Board.
 From April 2012 Horst Knauff took over the Management.
 On 31 December 2012 Dr. Wilfried Reuter resigned from his
position as CTO. He still is available as a consultant.
2015For the position as CTO Dr. Dirk Mörmann was found.
2017With the purchase of Berthold Detection Systems GmbH
on 1 January 2017 and the incorporation of this company
into the business unit Bioanalytic, Dr. Anselm Berthold took
over the position as Business Unit Manager Bioanalytic.
 Horst Knauff left the company on 30 September 2017
2018Dr. Dirk Mörmann left the company on 30 April 2018
Since 1 October 2018 we have a new managing director,
Mr. Andreas Dobratz


Product Development - Highlights

1950First industrial radiometric measuring system worldwide.
1952Tolerance doserate meter TOL/A, lateron dose- and doserate
meter TOL/F.
1960First contamination monitor LB 1200.
1977Biolumat LB 9500 - first professional luminometer.
1986After Chernobyl - food monitor LB 200.
1988Transition to imaging systems - Luminograph LB 980.
2001Mithras1: First modular multimode microplate reader.
2003SuperSens: The most sensitive radiometric detector
was launched onto the market - measurements can be
carried out with significantyl less activity.
2006Technological refolution of contamination measurement
with large area scintillation detectors.
2014SIL2/SIL3 Certificates according to IEC 61508 for level
and densitiy measurements.
2016HPLC Radio Detector FlowStar² LB 514: Combining
ultimate sensitivity with touchscreen technology.
 Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPm): Introduction of newest
silicon-based technology to succeed the well-tried
vacuum photomultipliers.