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Leading measurement solutions in the steel industry to optimize your production throughput with increased safety and reliability. Read more
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Berthold measurement solutions are perfectly tailored for appli­cations in the sugar industry to optimize your production process with improved quality and efficiency. Read more
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To ensure optimum control of water / emulsions / oil separation layers in the desalter, more and more operators are turning to radiometry as a highly reliable and accurate measurement solution. By optimizing the process, you minimize the probability of failure, increase efficiency, reduce emulsion breaker chemicals and thus permanently reduce your operating costs. Read more
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DuoSeries LB 470 is the radiometric level measurement in true 2-wire technology, which is now also available with radiation interference detection (RID). The patented method for Radiation Interference Discrimination, e.g. welding tests with gamma radiation, significantly more user-friendly Read more
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Optimize the process in your refinery by making critical applications more reliable. Read more
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The new brochure contains detailed product information about our brix and concentration measurement system MicroPolar Brix LB 565 for the sugar industry. Read more
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The CrystalSENS LB 480 from Berthold Technologies can be used as a radiometric ... Read more
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We were very pleased to welcome a delegation from Sinopec Maoming Refinery, China at Berthold Technologies in Bad Wildbad.

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The new radiometric density system DuoSeries LB 475 from Berthold especially designed for hydraulic fracturing and cementing applications. Read more