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Berthold presents two new versions of their mold level detector LB 6760 GAMMAcast. As a direct request from several key-customers in the steel industry, we now introduce two shorter versions of the LB 6760 GAMMAcast detector Read more
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Desalter / Separator operators within the oil producing and refining industries are faced with ever tightening environmental regulations regarding the reintroduction of effluent to waterways. To ensure the efficient control of water/oil interface levels in desalters and interface levels operators are increasingly turning to Radiometrics for an accurate solution to their level problems. Read more
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In November last year, two more ECcast systems were successfully put in operation. These systems were originally sold to SMS Concast in Switzerland and were subsequently installed in a Korean steel plant in Busan called Taewoong Steel. Overall, the commissioning went swiftly and smoothly and the systems have now been successfully in operation for about three months. Read more
We are pleased to announce that Titertek-Berthold / Berthold Detection Systems GmbH and the life science business of Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co. KG (“Bioanalytic”) will join forces, effective January 1, 2017. Read more

The TriStar2 S LB 942 and Mithras2 LB 943 Multimode Readers from Berthold Technologies have been granted Transcreener® HTS assay certification for running Bellbrook Lab’s Transcreener

Read more
The STS Travel Stipends, endowed with €250, recognize outstanding scientific contributions of young scientists to the Symposium of the Signal Transduction Society. We were honored to recognize the excellent research performed by Catharina Melzer on “Direct and indirect interaction of MSC with tumor cells alter mutual functionalities”. Read more
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BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES measurement solutions are perfectly tailored for appli­cations in the sugar industry - Sugar Beet and Sugar Cane Processing Read more
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For more than 60 years, the German based company, Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co KG has provided measurement solutions to all major steel producers around the world. In order to enhance the market presence in Japan, Berthold now partners with Nireco Corporation. The Japanese based company, is the exclusive provider of Berthold Technologies’ products and solutions for the Japanese steel market. Read more
Berthold Technologies and Biametrics are inviting you to participate in and enjoy the Next Generation Microarrays Tour 2016. Read more