Rental equipment

Your device is in our service department? You want to send in your device for service or repair? Or you simply need a device on loan for a certain period? Then take the opportunity to easily and conveniently borrow a device.

We will send the equipment with the post to your home or your business.
Select the appropriate device from below and send us your order per post or e-mail

(We offer this service only in Germany and to our representatives)


LB 122 Contamination Monitor

The Contamination Monitor LB 122 is a portable instrument designed for...

LB 124 B Xenon Contamination Monitor

The contamination monitor LB 124 B is a versatile and flexible instrument...

LB 123 D-H10 Dose Rate Monitor

The portable dose rate monitor LB 123 D-H10 for measurement of the new quantities ambient dose and ambient dose rate equivalent H*(10)...

LB 124 SCINT Contamination Monitor

The LB 124 SCINT is a new contamination monitor based on innovative scintillation technology for radiation protection.

LB 200 Becquerel Monitor for activity measurement

The LB 200 is a very simple scintillation measuring system for the assessment of gamma activity in foodstuffs, liquids and bulk goods in Bq/l.

LB 132 TOL/F Dose and Doserate

The TOL/F is a portable instrument designed for measuring the local doserate and the local dose in radiation protection.