Liquid scintillants

The formulation for best sensitivity

The Flow scintillants have been developped to meet the special requirements of radiometric detection in HPLC separation.

Special focus has been laid on

  • capability for solvent/water gradients
  • rapid mixing
  • decreased chemiluminescence
  • high counting efficiencies
  • quenching insusceptibility

Especially Tritium labelled compounds can be measured with increased sensitivity with the Z-type admixture cells in the FlowStar.


Order information

Flow Safe 2 liquid scintillator, 2 x 5 litres


Flow Plus liquid scintillator, Toluene based, 2 x 5 litres




Flow Plus

This HPLC cocktail has a special formulation to efficiently prevent the formation of gels or high viscosity liquid stream. Besides typical solvent/water gradients Flow Plus formulation is well balanced for lower ionic strength aqueous solutions, too.

  • low viscosity
  • non-jellying
  • low chemiluminescence
  • superiror counting efficiency
  • low quench


Flow Safe 2

comprises selected solvents and surfactants chosen to give rapid mixing with eluates, high counting efficiency and to be non toxic, non flammable and of low odour.

  • non-toxic
  • biodegradable
  • high flash point (105° C)
  • low chemiluminescence
  • compatible with polar solvents
  • low odour

Flow Safe 243037
Volume2 x 5 L
Mixing capacity

1:1 with Acetonitrile and Methanol
compatibel with polar solvents


low odour

Flash point105 °C
Flow Plus43036
Volume2 x 5 L
Mixing capacity

water/solvent gradient
buffer gradient capabilty

Flash point35 °C


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