REACH Compliant

  • Flow Safe 2+ does not contain NPE and is hence one of the few liquid scintillators in the market which is REACH compliant.


  • Non-Toxic, low odour
  • High flash point (105° C), non-flammable


  • High counting efficiency
  • Rapid mixing
  • Compatible with polar solvents


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Liquid Scintillator Applications

  • Radio HPLC with solvent/water gradients and aqueous solutions of low ionic strength.

More about Liquid Scintillation Cocktails

Liquid scintillation counting

It’s the measurement of radioactive activity of a sample material which uses the technique of mixing the active material with a liquid scintillator and counting the resultant photon emissions. The purpose of using a liquid scintillator instead of a solid one is to allow more efficient counting due to the intimate contact of the activity with the scintillator. It is generally used for alpha and beta particle detection.

Samples are dissolved or suspended in a "cocktail" containing a solvent, a surfactant and small amounts of other additives known as "fluors" or scintillators. Surfactants (detergents) in the cocktail are needed for an aqueous sample to come into intimate contact with the aromatic solvent because the majority of radioactive species are present in an aqueous form, and as such are not miscible with aromatic solvents. When the radioactive particle collides with the solvent molecule, energy is transferred to the scintillators, which consequently produce light.

REACH compliant liquid scintillators

Many liquid scintillators used NPE (4 Nonylphenolethoxylates) as surfactant, but according to REACH regulations, this substance cannot be used anymore. REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) is a European law about chemicals and their lifecycle which aims to improve protection of human health and the environment forcing a change to safer alternative chemicals and technologies.

Flow Safe 2+ does not contain NPE and is hence one of the few liquid scintillation cocktails in the market which is REACH compliant.

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