Detection Technologies

This versatile and reliable microplate reader can measure microplates with up to 1536 wells. The reader supports all important reading technologies including:


HTRF Mithras


Microplate stacker for better automation

Unattended operation and increased throughput are facilitated with the microplate stacker LB 931. The stacker unit can simply be attached to the Mithras without any modifications of the main instrument. Barcode readers may be added and used for positive plate identification or for automatically selecting parameter files containing the respective measurement settings. The software supports multiple options for data storage using the barcode information.



Maximum sensitivity, minimum crosstalk

If high-intensity samples are placed in wells adjacent to low-intensity ones, some light from the former could reach the detector when measuring the later. This phenomenon, called crosstalk, can produce wrong results and, hence, wrong conclusions. The crosstalk reduction design of the Mithras almost eliminates this problem: with a crosstalk of 5 x 10-6, you never have to worry about sample position. In addition, thanks to a stringent selection of photomultipliers working in photon counting mode and more than 40 years of experience building luminometers, the Mithras offers excellent luminescence sensitivity: less than 6 amol ATP/well (30 fM) can be reliably detected.

Performance, as with a dedicated system

Since each technology has special requirements for the optical system, only separate light paths can provide high sensitivity and a large dynamic range. This was achieved in Mithras, compared to other multi-technology plate readers, with the "Dedicated Optical System" (DOPS). Thus, the sensitivity of the Mithras is the same as in dedicated individual devices for each technology.

Light-tight design

All Berthold Technologies instruments ensure light-tightness of the housing and the doors, checked against a light source of 30,000 Lux without any influence on the measured values. The reagents are protected from strong ambient illumination by a special attenuating reagent compartment cover.

Automatic plate height adjustment

As microplates of different formats and manufacturers vary in their respective heights the Automatic Plate Height Adjustment function of the Mithras ensures secure and optimised adjustment of the detection system.


JET injectors: highest accuracy, speed and cell-friendliness

The Mithras can be equipped with up to 4 JET injectors with variable volumes in pre-measurement or measurement position. The ultra-fast injection speed of JET injectors eliminates any delay between injection and measurement and enables measurement of fast reactions, e.g. flash luminescence.

Berthold Technologies' JET injectors use Teflon bellows for accurate and fast injections and guarantee most efficient mixing as well as extreme longevity.

  • Accurate pipetting of small volumina: JET injectors ensure the injection of large and small volumes with high accuracy and offer a precision of more than 98% over the entire volume range
  • Low maintenance costs: frictionless operation for extended lifetime
  • Cell-friendly performance: cell-friendly materials and negligible shear forces enable worry-free injection of cell suspensions, e.g. in Aequorin-based calcium assays

Powerful Software options

The Mithras is driven by the MikroWin software for both instrument control and data evaluation. MikroWin enables:

  • Long-term kinetics (up to 7 days long)
  • Advanced curve fitting, including 4PL
  • Quantitative analysis with flexible threshold conditions
  • Easy automation
  • Compliance with CFR 21 part 11 requirements