Detection Technologies

The TriStar² S provides full modularity.  Any combination of reading technologies and options can be composed maintaining all possibilities of later upgrades. Start with the reading technologies you need to master your research today and upgrade when you need it. This way the TriStar² S provides the flexibility for today, tomorrow, and beyond in a single system. The system supports the following wide range of detection modes:


Transcreener Red TR-FRET
Transcreener Red FI


ONE-4-ALL Optics - uncompromised performance

Our patented ONE-4-ALL optics have been optimised to combine the stability and user-friendliness of a multimodal optical system with the sensitivity and versatility of dedicated optical devices.

ONE-4-ALL optics work for both filter- and monochromator-based applications, so there´s never a compromise in performance in any mode.

High-performance filter system - when sensitivity counts

The quick-change filter technology of the TriStar series provides you with the flexibility required to meet your application needs: up to 40 different excitation and emission filters can be easily mounted on exchangeable filter sliders.

The filters are characterized by high transmissions properties which can be up to 25-fold that of monochromators. Technologies like Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) can be measured more efficiently with filters.

Furthermore, filters with a large bandwidth are available to analyze fluorophores with wide spectra and all luminescence-based assay requiring to use filters, e.g. BRET and BRET2 assays.

Monochromator technology - more flexibility

The flexible monochromator technology of the TriStar² S system offers you variable bandwidths from 4 – 22 nm, selectable in 1 nm increments for improved absorbance and fluorescence excitation flexibility. The advanced technology ensures high transmission and best blocking properties.

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Advanced bottom reading technology - enhanced cell-based assay performance

The TriStar² S enables you to read both, from below as well as from the top with high-performance. The advanced bottom-reading technology of the system can be easily selected via the software to help you analyse e.g. adherent cells and obtain best sensitivity and a superior signal-to-background ratio for these applications.

Ergonomic design - supporting your workflows

The ergonomic design of the system provides full front access for all key operations (e.g. plate loading, filter change and connecting reagents). Reagent vials can be stored in an integrated front compartment, providing easy access and visibility. It contains a removable trough that can be filled with water or ice to keep all reagents cooled. Different reagent tube holders are available to ensure secure handling of valuable reagents. The system has a flat surface on its top, providing enough space to put down a laptop.

Powerful crosstalk control – reliable results

Do you often see a few high-intensity samples surrounded by wells of low-intensity when running your samples?  Then you´re potentially affected by a phenomenon called crosstalk, that can produce wrong results and, hence, wrong conclusions. The crosstalk reduction design of the Tristar² S does almost eliminate this problem: with a crosstalk of 10-6, you never have to worry about the position of your high-intensity samples in your plate.

JET injectors - highest accuracy, speed and cell-friendliness

The TriStar² S can be equipped with up to 3 JET injectors with variable volumes. Up to two of them can be installed in measurement position: this eliminates any delay between injection and measurement and is critical to measure fast reactions, e.g. for flash luminescence measurements.

Berthold Technologies' JET injectors use Teflon bellows for accurate and fast injections and guarantee most efficient mixing as well as extreme longevity.

  • Accurate pipetting of small volumina: regardless of whether you want to inject large or small volumes, JET injectors ensure high accuracy and more than 98% accuracy over the entire volume range
  • Low maintenance costs: frictionless operation for extended lifetime
  • Cell-friendly performance: cell-friendly materials and negligible shear forces enable worry-free injection of cell suspensions, e.g. in Aequorin-based calcium assays

Convenient Software options

Berthold Technologies’ ICE software was developed to meet the demands of users looking for a wizard-driven, easy to operate software (even for long-term kinetics, up to 7 days long).

The optional MikroWin software for both instrument control and data evaluation provides additional features:

  • Advanced curve fitting, including 4PL
  • Quantitative analysis with flexible threshold conditions
  • Easy automation
  • Compliance with CFR 21 part 11

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