Process Control19.06.2013

Simply smart – the new radiometric densitometer SmartSeries LB 414

Berthold Technologies is introducing a new densitometer, based on the non-contacting gamma transmission technology. The SmartSeries LB 414 detector measures density, concentration and solids content online and on all kind of slurries and liquids.

Beside the high level of accuracy and repeatability, the easy way of detector handling is a major advantage of SmartSeries. The local user interface with display and the software - focusing on the main functions make calibration and operation of the HART device very easy. Alternatively an infrared remote control can be used to parameterize the detector.

SmartSeries detectors are characterized by a high mechanical robustness, verified by the Fraunhofer Institute. They are cost-efficient and can be used for many years without the need of maintenance and re-calibrations.

More about our new density detector SmartSeries LB 414