LB 8010 Source Container

The LB 8010 is the most rugged source container. It is completely made from stainless steel which is much more resistant against the severe vibrations prevailing the fracturing applications than the conventional lead filled containers. Drop tests from approx. 30 ft / 10m height were carried out to verify the mechanical stability of this product.

Like all Berthold source containers the LB 8010 has a shutter mechanism. By turning the shutter handle you can easily switch the radiation beam off. Even in case of fire, the radiation source is well contained. The LB 8010 was fire tested over 2100°F for several hours – to verify that the source container will also stay operational in case of fire.


Application Report
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Solution for Oil and Gas Production Level, Multiphase Level and Density Measurement de, en PDF 4.24 MB
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DuoSeries LB 475 Fracturing en PDF 662.38 KB
FracSENS LB6770 Densitometer de, en PDF 598.15 KB
Operation Manual
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LB 475 en PDF 9.97 MB
LB 6770 de, en PDF 1.15 MB
Software Tool
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LB 475 DuoSeries Measuring Unit Software Update Version 1.4.0 de, en ZIP 12.13 MB
LB 6770 PC Application de, en ZIP 2.97 MB
LB 6770 Update Software Version 1.1.1 de, en ZIP 321.85 KB