Brix and Concentration measurement LB 565

Microwave Analyzer for Brix and Dry Substance

MicroPolar Brix is specifically designed for the sugar industry. It provides online measurement of

  • Dry substance
  • Brix value
  • Density
  • Concentration

The real-time measuring results are essential in order to optimize and control the sugar quality and moreover to ensure an efficient production process. In more than thousand applications worldwide, the Microwave analyzer MicroPolar Brix has proven to work absolutely reliable and accurate.

MicroPolar Brix is available with different sensor types for the installation on vessels (e.g. crystallizer) or pipelines. The high-dynamic version Microwave Transmitter MicroPolar Brix++ provides an excellent measuring accuracy, even for large pipeline diameters.

Typical measurements in the sugar beet and sugar cane industry:

  • Brix value during crystallization (continuous or batch-type vacuum pan)
  • Concentration of milk of lime
  • Dry substance of thin and thick juice

New Container Probes for Microwave Moisture Measurement

The new, removable plastic caps made of PEEK with internal thread can be exchanged on site if necessary. The newly developed antenna technology inside ensures higher measurement accuracy and offers more dynamics.

New FlowCell with EHEDG certification

The new FlowCell consists of a stainless steel inline housing and two microwave antennas which are connected via clamp connections and are interchangeable at any time. Due to the certification of the EHEDG it is also suitable for hygienic applications.



Multi-frequency Technology

The measurement is performed with a number of different frequencies per measurement cycle, leading to a very stable and reliable measurement, unaffected by reflexes or resonances.

High Dynamics

The high dynamic range of Microwave analyzer Micro-Polar allows the precise measurement on even very large pipeline diameters.

Reference Line

An integrated reference line makes the measurement independent from potential environmental influences.

Automatic on-site Calibration

The calibration is done directly on the evaluation unit. The software contains a sample taking feature, where laboratory values can be easily entered. The calibration curve is calculated automatically.

System Configuration

Microwave sensors:

Batch Pan Probe





  Continuous Pan Probe with flushing device




New FlowCell with EHEDG certification

       available for DN 50...150




 Technical Data Micro-Polar Brix LB 565

Evaluation unit




Wall housing made of stainless steel
H x W x D: 300 x 323 x 140 mm
protection class IP65, Weight: 

Mains supply

Depending on instrument version:

1.)   90 ... 265 V AC, 45 ... 65 Hz
24 V AC/DC; DC: 18 ... 36 V;
AC: 24 V +5 %, -20 %, 40... 440 Hz

Power consumption

max. 30 VA (AC/DC)

Transmitting powermax. 0,1 mW

Temperature range

Operating temperature: - 20 ... + 60 °C
(- 4 ... 140 °F),
condensation Storage
temperature: - 20 ...
+ 80 C
(- 4 ... 176 °F), no condensation

Attainable accuracy


2 ± 0.2 % DS (Standard deviation)
depending on product and 


Graphic LC display with with back-lighting
114 x 64 mm, automatic contrast setting


Freely accessible foil keypad,
alphanumeric keyboard and 4 soft-keys,
multi-language dialog, data protection
through freely selectable password



RS 232 and RS 485 for measuring data
output and easy software update



Analog inputs      

2 x 0/4 ... 20 mA, load 50 Ω

1 x insulated, 1 x instrument ground

Digital inputs

Configuration options:

DI1:   measurement start/stop
DI2:   measurement hold, product selection
D13:    sample measurement, productselection

PT-100 connection

Measuring range -50 ... + 200 °C (-58...392 °F)
Measurement tolerance < 0.4 °C



Analog outputs

1 x 4 ... 20 mA, 1 x 0/4 ... 20 mA,
load max. 800 Ω, insulated, output freely
selectable as concentration,
substance and/or Brix and density

Digital outputs






Loading capacity

2 x relay (SPDT), insulated

Configuration options:
- collective error message
- measurement hold
- threshold (min. and max.)
- no product

AC: max. 400 VA, DC: max. 90 W
AC/DC: max. 250 V, max. 2 A

non-inductive, ≥ 150 V: Voltage must be grounded

HF Sensor connection

Signal channel

Connection for the HF sensor
2 x N connectors (Tx, Rx), 50 Ω

Reference channel

Connection for the HF reference cable
2 x N connectors (Tx, Rx), 50 Ω



Measuring cell

MaterialPTFE-lining, stainless steel 1.4301
Product temperature10 ...130 °C (50 ... 266 °F)
Pressure range      

nomina pressure up to 40 bar, depending
on nominal width and type of flange


Choice of DIN EN 1092 Typ 05 and ASA
Option: screw necks, clamping devices


Pipe nominal widths: 50...150 mm

Pan Probe

MaterialPlastic, stainless steel 1.4301
Product temperature10 ... 120 °C (50 ... 248 °F)

DIN EN 1092 Typ 05:
DIN 65 / PN 6
DN 80, DN 100, DN 150/PN 16
16 ASA 
2.5”, ASA 3”/ 150 PSI
on request

Process connection 

minimum insertion hole size Ø (mm)
for DN 65 / PN 6: 100 ± 0.2
102 ± 0.5


with integrated reference path


Batch pan probe

Cont. pan probe


without flushing device, with PT 100

with flushing device
2 x 3/8” 
flush connection


The Micro-Polar Brix has a frequency licence approved by the FCC
(Federal Communications Commission), IC (Industry of Canada) and
ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute).
Right to implement technical improvements and/or changes without
prior notice reserved.



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