Density Measurement with Uni-Probe LB 491

The measuring system Uni-Probe LB 491 is used for the non-contacting measurement of density and concentration on liquids, slurries or bulk materials. Connected to a velocity measurement, the Uni-Probe LB 491 can also be used for the online determination of mass flow.

The Uni-Probe LB 491 is a compact field device, combining both detector and evaluation in one single instrument. It provides interfaces for

  • HART
  • Profibus PA
  • Foundation Fieldbus

In addition the separate 4-20mA current output can always be used as alternative signal output.



CrystalSENS Detector

Point detector with high-sensitive, high-quality Sodium Iodide crystal for best long-term stability.

SuperSENS Detector

Best sensitivity on the market, is able to work with smallest source activities.
LB 491
Detector operating data 
Power supply100 ... 240 VAC, ±10%, 50 ... 60 Hz, 15 VA
24 VDC (18 ... 32 VDC), 15 W; 24 VAC + 10%/-15%,
50 ... 60 Hz, 15 VA

Cable connections

4 cable entries 3/4“ inch, NPT, sealed with dummy plugs Option: metric adapters and cable glands on request

Maximum cable length

3300 m (120 L)), 1600 m (250 L)), 800 m (500 L))

Wire cross section

0,5 ... 1,5 mm2

Housing materialStainless steel ISO 1.4301 / AISI 304
Water coolingOption, max. 6 bar
Scintillator Size Ø x lenght [mm]
(point detectors)
50 x 50 NaI (Tl)
SuperSENS150 x 150 polymer
Ambient temperature
(Operation and storage)
-40 ... +60°C (-40 ... +140°F) for NaI (Tl) and / or
-40 ... + 55°C (-40 ... +131°F) for polymer
Observe possible temp. restrictions for Ex-protection!
for 100...240 VAC version, operation only up to max. 50°C
Temperature stability≤0.002%/°C (-40 ... +50°C) for NaI (Tl) and/ or
≤0.01%/°C (-40 ... +50°C) for polymer
Detector certificates & tests 


IP65 / IP66 + Nema 4X

Explosion protection

II 2 GD EEx d IIB T5 IP66 T80°C                      -40 ... +80°C
II 2 GD EEx d IIC T6 IP66 T80°C                      -40 ... +60°C
(...+50°C for LB 490 TowerSENS and SuperSENS)
II 2 GD EEx d [ia] IIC T6 IP66 T80°C                -20 ... +50°C

Class I Division 1 Group A,B,C,D
Class II Division 1 Group E,F,G                        -40 ... +50°C

Other certificatesNepsi, IECEx, Kosha, CCOE, others upon request
Signal inputs and outputs 

Signal output

HART 4 ... 20 mA floating, active or passive, to Namur NE 43 max. impedance: 500 L) (when active)

Power supply: 12 V ... 24 V (passive)

max. impedance at 12 V: 250 L) or 24 V: 500 L) (passive)

Option: intrinsically safe HART current output 4...20 mA
Exi IIB: Lo=14.78 mH; Co=679 nF /
Exi IIC: Lo=2.18 mH; Co=84 nF

Bus output - option

Bus interface: Profibus PA or Foundation Fieldbus
Bus powered, typically 13 mA with 2xAI function blocks Option:
intrinsically safe bus interface, 20 m signal cable (blue)

Option: intrinsically safe Bus interface
Approval according to ATEX and FISCO

Digital inputsDig In 1: Hold input, Dig In 2: Empty adjustment
Analogue inputPt100 for temperature compensation

0/4 ... 20 mA for speed signal at mass flow measurement in the pipeline

Digital outputs1 relay (SPDT) for collective fault message
3 relays (SPDT) alternatively for: Hold signal, min./max. alarm, Detector temperature, radiation interference detection

Permissible load at ohmic load: max. 5 A at 250 VAC or 30 VDC


RS 232 for software update

Data backup

in non-volatile memory

User interface

HART Communicator

Delta V AMS

Simatic PDM



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