Detect Concentration / Dry Substance reliably

Concentration / Dry Substance - Measuring principle by Berthold

Microwaves are highly sensitive to water molecules. When penetrating the measured material the microwaves cause a rotation of the free water molecules. As a result the velocity of the microwave is slowed down (phase shift) and their intensity is weakened (attenuation). Both effects are measured, allowing for a very stable measurement. Phase shift and attenuation are a direct measure for the water content, out of which concentration or dry substance is indicated.

These measuring effects are already achieved by using very small microwave transmission power – typically 0.1 mW. Consequently the measured material is neither warmed nor modified.

With the Microwave Transmission principle used by Berthold, the whole material cross-section is penetrated. Therefore the measurement is highly accurate and representative. Factors such as color, viscosity, inhomogeneous composition or dust have no or only a negligible effect on the measurement performance.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Online process control for real-time process information
  • Measurement of both: phase shift and attenuation
  • Precise and reliable
  • Robust system design
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Highly representative due to transmission principle
  • Easy to install on existing pipelines, vessels or tanks

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