Berthold Technologies non-contact process instrumentation is used in a wide variety of industries and applications ranging from steel to food, from oil production and oil downstream to mining and many many more. Due to our vast experience and the variety of systems we are able to provide tailored solutions for each individual application.

Your application is not covered in one of the following pages? - Please talk to us! We would be happy to discuss your application and develop together with you a solution that perfectly meets your demands.

Chemical & Petrochemical Industry

Nucleonic measurement systems for the chemical & petrochemical industry

Measuring Solutions for Oil & Gas Production from Berthold

Level and density measuring systems for the use in the onshore and offshore oil & gas production industry

Mining & Processing

Analyzers and measurement solutions that have been specifically designed for coal and ore mines

Power Generation

Non-contact measurements find application in both coal-fired and biomass power plants

Water & Recycling Industry

Solutions to make the best out of your water treatment and recycling processes

Metals & Steel Industry

Mold level systems for the continuous casting process

Measuring Solutions for Oil & Gas Downstream

Level / density measuring transmitter for the use in downstream processes

Building Materials & Construction Industry

Applications in cement, concrete, glass manufacturing and others

Pulp & Paper Industry

Reliable and highly accurate online measurements for pulp and paper industry

Food & Beverages

Microwave analyzers in the Food & Beverages industry to control water contents or dry matter