Measuring Solutions for Oil & Gas Production from Berthold

Measuring Solutions for Oil & Gas ProductionBerthold Technologies radiometric instruments are used in the oil & gas production industry worldwide to control and monitor level, interface level, emulsion layers and density. The measurement systems are installed offshore and onshore on drilling rigs, production platforms, FPSO, hydraulic fracturing, in oil terminals as well as in the Canadian oil sands, providing highly accurate and reliable process information for optimized process control. Due to their non-contacting, non-intrusive nature the radiometric level and density gauges from Berthold are ideal for use in all high temperature and high pressure applications like first stage separators etc.

Employing cutting-edge sensing technology and unique features like X-ray interference protection, our instruments are always a step ahead, providing first class performance in terms of stability and repeatability and above all ensuring safety for the process and the environment due to measurement availability and advanced self-diagnostics (high level / low level alarm, continuous level measurement or density measurement).

As a technology partner Berthold gladly supports their customers with expertise and know-how in the development of tailored measurement solutions. Competence reaches from challenging separation

Our Applications/Solutions in Oil & Gas Production:

Brochure: Solutions for Oil and Gas Production

Measuring Drilling Mud Density

Clamp-on density system mounted on the mud feeding line
(Application No. 1) Density Measurement of Drilling Mud (Mass Flow)

Measuring Oil Level in Separators

Measuring Oil Level in Separators
(Application No. 3) Measuring Oil Level in Separators (Separator, Slug Catcher, Knock Out Drum)

Multiphase Level Measurement (MPLM)

Multiphase Level Measurement (MPLM) on a 3 phase separator
(Application No. 4) Multiphase Level Measurement in separators and tanks to measures the level and the thickness of the different product layers

Measuring Liquid Level in Wet Gas Scrubbers

Typical level arrangement on a wet gas scrubbers
(Application No. 6) Level Measurement Gauges for measuring the total liquid level in a wet gas scrubber

Fracturing Systems

Oil and Gas industry
Density Systems for Hydraulic Fracturing and Cementing Applications

Level Alarm for Safety Applications

Level switch arrangement with narrowly collimated radiation beam
(Application No. 2) Level Switch Measurement for Safety Applications (Separator, Slug Catcher, Knock Out Drum)

Measuring Oil/Water Interfaces

Arrangement with point detector in a dip pipe
(Application No. 4) Radiometric Interface Measurement for Oil/Water Interfaces (Separators, Slug Catcher, Knock Out Drum)

Measuring Sand Level

Level measurement on a conical tank
(Application No. 5) Berthold radiometric sand level measurement in sand settling tanks, separators and desanding units

Detecting Slugs

Densitometers installed in sequence, measuring liquid slugs and gas slugs
(Application No. 7) Radiometric Densitometers installed in sequence, measuring liquid slugs and gas slugs