Power Generation

Power GenerationPower Generation Non-contact measurements from Berthold Technologies find application in both coal-fired and biomass power plants. Using our sophisticated online moisture analyzers our customers gain real-time information on the raw material moisture and are therefore able to improve the boiler efficiency. Additional information about the burning process is provided by our Carbon in Fly Ash analyzers. To better control the flue gas treatment, we offer Carbon in Fly Ash analyzers of milk of lime or density measurement of gypsum suspension.

We do also provide robust and non-contacting bulk flow meters monitoring how much material is fed into the boiler. Radiometric level measurements or switches are part of our product range as well.

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Our Applications/Solutions for the Power Generation:

Wood chips moisture measurement

Microwave Moisture Analyzer LB 567/LB 568

Microwave moisture gauges LB 567/LB 568
Highly accurate moisture meter for all kind of bulk materials, non-contacting, reliable and maintenance free

Bulk Flow Measurement

Measurement of flow rates and throughput for all kind of conveying systems, e.g. belt and screw conveyor, pneumatic conveyor...