Level switch measurement with SENSseries

High-sensitive Detectors for non-contact level switch measurement

The CrystalSENS LB 480 can be easily installed as a radiometric level switch on vessels and chemical reactors, even where other measurement systems reach their limits due to vessel geometry or measurement conditions. In all demanding industries, our level switch measurement is used. Wherever one or more limit levels of liquids or bulk solids are monitored, our contactless level measurement can be used, even with very thick-walled or large containers.

Functional safety

The high reliability of the measurement is supported by important diagnostic functions, e.g.  permanent monitoring of the detector function by comparison with cosmic background radiation and much more. This guarantees outstanding operational safety.
The cosmic radiation control also makes it possible to keep the required source activity very low. Only Berthold Technologies is able to use the LB 480, in addition to its use as a min/max level switch as a density or level field device in SIL2/3 safety circuits.

Perfect for the highest demands - your advantages at a glance

• Compact field probe with integrated transmitter
• Process connection via HART
SIL 2 or SIL 3 with homogeneous redundancy
• Quick Start menu for easy and quick start-up
• Daily function check and continuous self-monitoring
• High immunity to interference (SIL standard)
• External radiation detection - XIP (X-ray interference protection)

Detector for the most sensitive measuring tasks

The cosmic radiation control allows in many cases to maintain the required source activity very low. Thus, shield costs and the required radiation protection measures can also be kept low.
Do you need to replace the source for an existing and old measurement?
A pending source replacement can, depending on the application, be postponed for many years if the existing point detector is replaced by a SuperSENS.

Fast detection with SpeedStar

The product version SpeedStar is used when very fast occurrences have to be recognized immediately. SpeedStar offers a uniquely short cycle time of 50ms. An example application is the edge detection of steel plates to straighten their cut edges while they are being transported on the roller conveyor, or to position glowing and scorching steel blocks. Furthermore, the detection of over or under-filled liquid containers, e.g. gas tanks while they are being conveyed.


LB 480
Detector operating data 
Power supply100 ... 240 VAC, ±10%, 50 ... 60 Hz, 8 VA
24 VDC (18 ... 32 VDC), 8 W
Housing materialStainless steel ISO 1.4301 / AISI 304
(others upon request)
Water coolingOption (can also be retrofitted), max. 6 bar
Scintillator Size Ø x lenght [mm]

(point detectors)

50 x 50 (NaI/Tl)

(rod detectors)

50 x 500 (polymer)
50 x 1000 (polymer)
50 x 1500 (polymer)
50 x 2000 (polymer)

Ambient temperature
Operation and storage

-40 ... +60 °C (-40 ... +140 °F) for NaI/Tl and/or
-40 °C ... +55 °C (-40 ... +131 °F) for polymer
Observe possible temp. restrictions for Ex-protection!

Temperature stability

≤0,002%/ °C (-20 ... +50 °C) for NaI/Tl and/or
≤0,01 %/ °C (-20 ... +50°C) for polymer

Detector certificates & tests 
Explosion protection


II 2 GD Ex db eb IIC T5/Ex tb IIIC T95°C -40°C...80°C
II 2 GD Ex db eb IIC T6/Ex tb IIIC T80°C -40°C...65°C
II 2 GD Ex de (ia Da) IIIC T6 Gb              -40°C...50°C
II 2 GD Ex de (ia Da) IIIC T80°C Db         -40°C...50°C
Class I, Division 1, Group B, C, D
Class I, Division 1 Group A, B, C, D
Class II, Division 1, Group E, F , G
Class I Zone 1 AEx de IIC
Class I Zone 1 AEx de (ia) IIC

-40°C... 80°C (T1-T5), 40°C...65°C (T6)

Vibration / ShockVibration: 1.9g / mechanical Shock: 30 g
according to DIN EN 60068-6 and 60068-2-27
Signal inputs and outputs 
Signal outputHART 4 ... 20 mA potential-free, active or passive
Resolution better than 0.006 mA
Stability +/- 0.001% /°C (-40 ... 60°C)
Digital outputsOpen Collector alternatively for: Max. alarm, min. alarm, warning messages + error messages, hold signal, interference radiation detection, detector temperature
InterfacesRS 485 for software update, cascading,
gas-density compensation


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LB 480 CSA Ex for Zones USA & Canada Certificate de, en PDF 322.25 KB
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Project Questionnaire
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Software Tool
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LB 480 DeviceDescription for 475 HART-Communicator Level, Density, Switch de, en ZIP 470.58 KB
LB 480 Embedded Software V01.00.06 Level, Density, Switch de, en ZIP 3.87 MB
LB 480 HART DD Software HCF Level, Density, Switch de, en ZIP 1.18 MB
LB 480 PC Control Software Version: 2.0.1 de, en ZIP 4.07 MB
Technical Information
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LB 480 Level Switch de, en PDF 1.02 MB

News about this product

The radiometric gauge SENSseries LB 480 is awarded SIL2/SIL3 certification.

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