ECcast - Eddy Current Mold Level Measurement

ECcast - Berthold's electromagnetic measurement system - measures the mold level reliably and extremely accurately, and is not affected by casting powder or slag. ECcast can be used as a stand-alone system or for even higher process reliability it can be combined with the radiometric GAMMAcast systems.

System characteristics

  • Best accuracy
  • High resolution <0.1 mm
  • Quick response time
  • Not affected by casting powder or slag
  • No radioactive source required
  • Easy retrofit of existing casters

Measuring Principle

A coil inside the sensor generates an electromagnetic field, penetrating deep into the mold. As a result eddy currents are induced in the top layer of the molten metal. These eddy currents in turn generate a counteracting electromagnetic field – its strength being proportional to the distance between sensor and molten metal inside the mold. In this way the mould level can be determined very precisely and irrespective of casting powder or slag.

Combination: ECcast plus GAMMAcast

The two technologies eddy current and nucleonic complement each other to the top system for highest demands. Benefit from

  • Large measuring range
  • Perfect automatic start-up
  • Highest safety due to redundancy
  • Possible determination of casting powder thickness


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