Radiometric Level Measurement CONGAUGE LB 6755

CONGAUGE LB 6755 is a modern, high-tech radiometric detector, utilizing first-class sensoring technology to continuously measure both the liquid steel level and the thickness of the casting powder layer in a mold during continuous casting.

The radiometric level measurement detector CONGAUGE LB 6755 has been designed in cooperation with SMS Concast and enables  also for controlling of automatic feeders for casting powder, reducing human intervention  in a dangerous area.

CONGAUGE LB 6755 – Your advantages at a glance:

• Measures the steel level and the powder level simultaneously
• Mechanically compatible with LB 6652/6752 installations
• Compatible with LB 452 castXpert
• State-of-the-art SiPM technology
• Automatic calibration rig for steel and powder level supplied
• Superior safety with automatic detection and compensation if a scintillation failure should occur

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Housing Material

Stainless steel 1.4301 (ANSI 304)


9 .8 kg (Including adapter flange and hoses)


IP 66 / IP 67


Max. 99%

Operating Temperature 

-20...+55°C  (-4...131°F) Sensor internal temperature

Storage Temperature

-20...+70°C (-4...158°F)

Cooling Water

Water inlet pressure of max. 6 bar 

Water inlet temperature of max. 50°C

Electrical Information



24 (18...36) VDC, 6 W

Output Signals

Digital (RS485) and analogue pulse output

Cable6 wires, max. 1.5 mm2, shielded, length max. 200 m.
LoggingAll relevant detector data can be logged in the control unit (LB 452).
Scintillators10 x NaI(Tl)-crystals; 40 mm x 45 mm x 14 mm
GainEach scintillator is individually gain stabilized, meaning no
temperature or aging effect.
Internal Cycle Time5 ms standard steel level
500 ms for powder level
Damping0.1 ... 99 s
StabilityAt constant count rate 1%
ApprovalsShock according to ISO 13628-6 (Q1)
Vibration according to ISO 13628-6, and CE certification
RedundancyFourfold calculation of the level value and result verification
for maximal performance.
A scintillation module failure is automatically detected
and compensated for.


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