Material moisture content determination - with solutions from Berthold Technologies

Material moisture content determinationMaterial moisture content determination

Are you looking for a measuring system with which you can determine the moisture content of the material? With the advanced measurement solutions from Berthold Technologies you can determine the water content online and during the ongoing process. Our devices are robust and have proven themselves in long-term use.

Contactless material moisture content determination

Our moisture meters work without contact and can be applied extensively. This applies both to solutions based on microwave technology (type LB 567 / LB 568) and to our radiometric moisture meters (type LB 350). Since the devices do not come into contact with the material to be measured, they are not exposed to any wear - the ideal prerequisite for countless years of operation. In addition, all our devices, with which you can determine the moisture content, are extremely low maintenance. Once installed on site, they provide accurate and reliable data for many years.

LB 567/568: Material moisture content determination with microwave technology

The LB 567 / LB 568 is regarded worldwide as one of the most reliable measuring systems with which the moisture content of the material can be determined. The measuring solution is based on the method of microwave transmission. The emitted microwaves penetrate the entire cross-section of the material, enabling extremely accurate and reliable measurement. If you work with materials with a very high electrical conductivity, the use of our Radiometric Moisture Measurement System LB 350 is possible (see below). Our experts will gladly advise you on this matter - just drop us a short line.

LB 350: Material moisture content determination with advanced neutron technology

Our LB 350 moisture measurement system is mainly used in applications that cannot be solved with conventional sensor technology. These include, for example, measurements on sinter, gravel, coke, sand-lime brick or sand. With the LB 350 from Berthold Technologies, you can reliably determine the moisture content even if it is a difficult measuring task. The large measuring volume of one meter in diameter guarantees an extremely representative measurement. Depending on the requirements and application, either a bunker probe or a surface probe can be used to determine the material moisture content.