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Microwave Moisture MeasurementMicrowave Moisture Measurement Microwave Measurement Technology at the highest level: Berthold Technologies

Microwave Measurement has a number of advantages over other measurement technologies. It takes place during the ongoing process and provides real-time information to track trends in concentration or dry matter. In addition, microwave technology offers high representativeness and is insensitive to viscosity, colour or inhomogeneous material composition.

If you want to benefit from the advantages of microwave measurement technology, Berthold Technologies is the right partner for you. Our measuring instruments are suitable for a wide variety of applications and are characterized by maximum measuring accuracy and high reliability. Our company offers various sensors for the measurement of pipelines, chutes and vessels. Call +49 7081 177-0 for a free and comprehensive consultation. If necessary, you can request for a call back.

Micro-Polar: State-of-the-art, wear-free moisture meter

The Micro-Polar Moisture Meter represents the state-of-the-art in microwave measurement technology. The measurement is completely contactless. Since the sensors have no contact with the material to be measured, no wear is detectable even after years of operation. The system is completely maintenance-free and can be used on chutes as well as on conveyor belts. The microwaves penetrate the entire cross-section of the material, ensuring extremely accurate and reliable measurement. For applications with constant measurement conditions (for example, a constant bulk density), the use of the Micro-Polar 2 LB 567 is recommended. For more demanding measurement tasks we recommend the use of the Micro-Polar Moist LB 568 (see below).

The most important applications of the Micro-Polar system include power generation and mining, but also the building materials and paper industry. The Micro-Polar Moisture Meter is also widely used in the chemical industry. Please note that microwave measurement technology is of limited use for materials that have very high electrical conductivity. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to contact us: our experienced specialists evaluate the system's suitability in each individual case.