Process Control10.07.2011

Concentration Measurements for Milk of Lime

Milk of lime is used in the sugar production process to clean the raw sugar by binding the impurities in the thin juice. Decisive for an efficient juice clearing process is the concentration of milk of lime, which should be kept at a very constant level. The measuring system LB 565 Micro-Polar Brix monitors the solids content in the suspension online – directly on the vessel or in the pipeline, resulting in a systematical control of quicklime or quenchjuice addition. It is typically installed in the classifier or at the outlet of the ripening container. Due to its high reliability and accuracy, the microwave technology has proven to be an effective method for the sugar industry. The automatic calibration procedures, as well as the user-friendly software, ensure easy start-up and operation. LB 565 Micro-Polar Brix is maintenance-free and can be easily installed on existing plant facilities. The system has radio licenses according to FCC, IC and ETSI for a compliant use of the microwave technology.