Process Control10.02.2017

Korean ECcast project successfully completed

In November last year, two more ECcast systems were successfully put in operation. These systems were originally sold to SMS Concast in Switzerland and were subsequently installed in a Korean steel plant in Busan called Taewoong Steel. Overall, the commissioning went swiftly and smoothly and the systems have now been successfully in operation for about three months.

The ECcast systems are normally used for steel level measurement for large-format molds, where the use of radiometric technology is difficult due to the big cross section. ECcast provides the real steel level, without any influence from mold powder, with short response times and very high precision. At Taewoong Steel, the two ECcast systems serve round formats moulds of 800 mm or 1000 mm.

Besides the instrumentation itself, Berthold also provided mounting and calibration equipment required to operate the measurement.

This and other installations underline Berthold’s true commitment to continue as the most comprehensive and leading global provider for mold level measurement solutions. Berthold is the ideal longtime partner for each continuous casting plant that considers modernization or improvement of their mold level measurement technology.

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ECcast system