Process Control28.07.2015

Level gauges for products with natural radioactivity

Special applications require special solutions. It is not unusual that products where the level is measured contain natural radioactivity. For example, in the processing of uranium ores where the level of uranium sludge is measured.

Likewise in the production of plastics, under certain circumstances radioactive isotopes can be present in the process gas. The radioactivity contained in the measured material may interfere with the radiometric level measurement because the measuring material is recognised as a second radiation source.

Berthold Technologies with its LB 480 SENSseries now offers a radiometric level measurement, which cannot be influenced by the radioactive material to be measured. The feature PRC (Product Radiation Compensation) ensures, by means of independent activity measurement and integrated compensation, for a reliable and accurate level measurement.

Find more information on our product page Level measurement with LB 480 SENSseries

Download product information: Level Measurement of Products with Natural Radioactivity and PRC (Product Radiation Compensation) Instead of Source Exchange