Process Control06.12.2017

New container probe for microwave measurement

The new container probes for microwave concentration measurements have removable plastic caps with internal thread, which can be replaced on site if necessary. Furthermore, the antenna technology inside the probe has been completely redeveloped. It halves the transmission losses by better matching and field focusing. This ensures higher measurement accuracy and provides more dynamics.

Furthermore, Berthold offers two versions - with and without flushing device.

In addition, the container probes are delivered as a standard with a removal aid. The two large ringbolts on the front of the probe make it easy to disassemble. In the case of sugar crystallizers, the container probes are often stuck firmly because of the process. In this case, the ring bolts can be replaced by longer screws for disassembly. These push the probe out of the insertion on the customer’s process flange.

For more information please see our product page concentration measurement