Process Control06.10.2016

Nireco Corporation now exclusive provider from Berthold

For more than 60 years, the German based company, Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co KGhas provided measurement solutions to all major steel producers around the world. In order to enhance the market presence in Japan, Berthold now partners with Nireco Corporation. The Japanese based company, is the exclusive provider of Berthold Technologies’ products and solutions for the Japanese steel market.

This cooperation perfectly completes the Nireco product range with modern radiometric mould level systems which are successfully used in more than thousands of casting strands worldwide and characterized by reliability and robustness for mainly small format moulds. In addition, the measurement of coke moisture with the Berthold neutron system will support steel operators to improve their steel-making process and significantly reduce raw material costs. 

Berthold’s strong knowledge base and experience in physics, together with the use of state of the art electronics and software, allows Berthold to maintain its excellent and long reputation as a competent partner in solving diverse and difficult measurement problems, and as a supplier of innovative and up-to-date instruments of the highest quality and reliability. To be on such a high level of knowledge and experience, more than 10% of our sales revenues are spent on research and development, assisted by close ties with several European universities and research institutes.

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