Process Control22.02.2018

Radiometric Density System DuoSeries LB 475

DuoSeries LB 475 is the new radiometric density system from Berthold especially designed for the cementing and hydraulic fracturing industry. The LB 475 Fracturing Evaluation Unit allows for easy operation with a simplified user-­interface. Setup is quick with few set parameters and a two-point calibration that can be done on air and water, or on water and slurry of a known density. The measuring system DuoSeries stands out by a particularly excellent performance with high accuracy and repeatability. Depending on customers' needs, the transmitter output can be configured for units of specific gravity (SGU), "pounds per gallon" (PPG), or a calculated "pounds proppant added"(PPA).

Download the new Flyer Density Transmitter DuoSeries LB 475

For more information please see our product page: Density Transmitter DuoSeries LB 475