Oil & Gas Industry

Berthold Technologies stands for high-quality – long-term stable measurement solutions. The number of customers in the international Oil & Gas Industry is the best proof for our excellent performance.

Our nucleonic instruments based on Gamma transmission principle are perfectly suited for the use in the Offshore oil industry, installations can be also found in hundreds of refineries throughout the world. Regardless whether a high level / low level alarm, a continuous level measurement, interface measurement or a density measurement is needed – all our detectors are characterized by an outstanding level of sensitivity and long-term stability – keeping radiation levels and maintenance to a minimum.

Installed on separator vessels, scrubbers, delayed coking units, reformers, crackers or alkylation units our nucleonic instruments provide an accurate and representative reading, which is reliable and stable for the whole time of operation.

As a technology partner Berthold gladly supports their customers with expertise and know-how in the development of new innovative processes, even if custom-made solutions are required. Talk to us!

Our Applications/Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry:

Continuous Measurement of Coke Drum Level

Solution for Oil and Gas Production