Level measurement in distillation bottoms

Measuring the level of residual bottoms from Berthold

Level measurement of distillation bottoms

In the atmospheric distillation process as well as in vacuum distillation, the oil is split-up into different fractions. The oil that is not fractionated ends up in the bottom of the column, where the liquid level is important to measure, to prevent the level from being either too high or too low. If the level is too high, this could lead to tray damage and cause quality issues with products. If the level is too low, this could potential damage pump seals or the pumps themselves. By using the radiometric level systems from Berthold the residue can be reliably measured in a non-contacting manner, regardless of temperature and pressure changes.

Level of residual bottoms - Customer benefit

  • Stable level conditions
  • Avoid foam or liquid entering the upper fractions
  • Increased efficiency of distillation process

Characteristics of Berthold level measurement of distillation bottoms

  • Continuous level measurement, typically 2...4 m measuring range
  • Installed on the cylindrical bottom of the column
  • Due to the importance of the measurement a redundant setup is often used
  • Typical arrangement uses Cs-137 point sources and scintillation rod detectors
  • On small diameter columns Co-60 rod sources achieve best measurement results
  • Highly reliable measurement, not affected by temperature and process density changes, pressure changes or foaming
  • Easy to install on existing columns, without process downtime
  • SIL2 /SIL3 certified option

Measuring the level of residuals on bottom of the columnMeasuring distillation on the cylindrical bottom of the column


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