Research & Development

Research & DevelopmentResearch & Development It is more than 60 years ago, that our founder and pioneer Prof. Dr. Rudolf Berthold developed the first non-contacting measurement system based on Gamma transmission technology. Since then, Berthold Technologies has been setting the standards worldwide through technological leadership.
More than 40 physicists, engineers and technicians are continuously developing new and innovative measuring solutions for process control.

The following ground-breaking achievements are among the most popular innovations from Berthold Technologies:

SuperSENS Detector

Our SuperSENS is the most sensitive radiometric detector on the market. It is able to measure, where other detectors fail or need to work with unacceptable high source activities.

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Detector Stability

The patented method for detector stabilization ensures a consistent measurement performance, reliably compensating temperature and aging effects.

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Rod Sources

Rod sources achieve the best measurement performance, ensuring highest levels of accuracy and reliability. The rod-shaped source forms a radiation field over the whole source length.

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The bottom line of Berthold Technologies’ success and growth has been, and still is, research and development, primarily focused on our customers’ needs.