Optimal solution in terms of shielding effectiveness and cost efficiency

Our shields - made from lead, stainless steel or tungsten - filled with lead - offer the best shielding effect in every possible situation. The shield or rather the lock or seal remains closed until the measurement is put into operation.  Thus, no useful radiation can escape during transport and installation, whereby at the same time, safe handling of the radioactive source is ensured. When the shield or lock device is open, the radiation can be directed to the detector through a defined radiation channel.

All our shields are custom-made - with dimensions specifically adapted to the measurement requirements. They are designed according to the international standards

  • ANSI 43.8
  • ISO 7205
  • IEC 62598


Benefits at a Glance

  • Optimum shielding effect
  • Custom-made design
  • Low space requirements
  • Type A compliant
  • Lead, stainless steel or tungsten as shielding material available
  • Lockable shutter (mechanical or pneumatical device)