Measurement Technology

Using our non-contacting, non-intrusive measurement systems, you will get process insight from the outside. As a consequence the instruments are not exposed to wear and tear.
Due to external mounting, the measurement components can easily be installed on existing systems, without process downtime or modification of the plant.

Point Level Switch

Irradiation of vessel at the pre-defined level height. When the level reaches this limit, the radiation is significantly weakened...


The extent to which the radiation is attenuated is proportional to the density...

Bulk Flow

The attenuation of radiation is a measure of the conveyor load.

Moisture - Neutron Technology

Fast neutrons are slowed down by scattering the hydrogen nuclei.

Continuous Level

If the level rises within the range of the radiation field the attenuation becomes stronger...

Concentration / Dry Substance

Microwaves are highly sensitive to water molecules. When penetrating the measured material the microwaves cause...

Moisture - Microwave Technology

Microwaves penetrate the bulk material, causing a rotation of the free water molecules. As a result the velocity...