Benefits at a glance

  • most cost-efficient solution for level switch applications
  • for fast switching of 1.5s to 5s responses,
  • to increase sensitivty, version also available with two Geiger Mueller tubes in one detector
  • compact design


The Geiger-Mueller radiometric detector is for fast switching of 1.5s to 5s response. To reduce the requried source activity, a version is available with two Geiger Muller tubes in one detector.


Explosion protectionATEX
Housing materialStainless steel, IP 65
Operating temperature-40°C ... +50°C (-40 ... +122 °F)
Water cooling optional
Weight6 kg
Scintillator size
Ø x length [mm]
and material
22 x 170 (gas filled)
Typical sensitivity per µSv/h (Cs-137)5.7 cps



Mini-Switch LB 471 Level switch measurement Product brochure

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