Technological Highlights

Simple and intuitive operation

  • Mechanically compatible with LB 6652/6752 installations
  • Compatible with LB 452 castXpert
  • Automatic calibration rig for steel and powder level supplied

State of the art technology

  • Measures the steel level and the powder level simultaneously
  • Based on SiPM technology
  • Superior safety with automatic detection and
    compensation if a scintillation failure should occur

Functional Description

CONGAUGE LB 6755 is a modern, high-tech radiometric detector, utilizing first-class sensing technology to continuously measure both the liquid steel level and the thickness of the casting powder layer in a mold during continuous casting. CONGAUGE LB 6755 has been designed in cooperation with SMS Concast and enables also for controlling of automatic feeders for casting powder, reducing human intervention in a dangerous area.



The superior SiPM technology replacing the conventional Vacuum Photomultiplier Tube (PMT), is characterized by a very small and compact design. With improved ruggedness, low power consumption, virtually no degradation and built-in redundancy, the SiPM technology is ideal for demanding mold level applications.




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Mold level measurement Brochure

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Measurement solutions for the steel industry Measurement Solutions for the Steel Industry

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