Generally speaking:

  • White microplates and the black plates with white wells are best suited for all luminescence and BRET applications, as their material and surface maximise luminescence signals. In fact, black plates with white wells ensure excellent performance for luminescence measurements, as the black frame reduces crosstalk while the white wells are enhancing the signal.
  • Black microplates are recommended for all fluorescence applications as their material minimizes light scattering and reflection of excitation light.
  • The tissue culture-treated microplates are individually packed and the plate of choice for all cell-based assays. They are available in white with solid or clear bottom, and in black, also with solid or clear bottom. They are available in white or black with solid or transparent bottom. The transparent bottom is used for microscopic examination of cells and for bottom reading measurements. As crosstalk can be a problem when using clear-bottom microplates, opaque adhesive foils can be used to reduce it.

Berthold Technologies provides microplates best suited for luminescence, fluorescence and absorbance measurements.

You can find a summary of our microplate recommendations in the table below:


Microplate recommendations

MethodWhiteWhite, clear bottomBlackBlack, clear bottomBlack, white wells
Luminescencexxx(x) xx
Fluorescence  xxx 
Absorbance (x) xx 
BRETxx   xx
FRET  xxx 
AlphaScreen®xx   x
Fluorescence Polarisation (FP)  xx  
Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF)x xx x
HTRF®xx x x

xx  =  very well suited

x    =  well suited

(x)  =  usable

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