• Modern gamma spectrometry system for activity measurements in the laboratory
  • Connection for scintillation probes (NaI, CsI, BGO)
  • 3 different energy ranges selectable

Simple Operation

  • Easy to operate and provides quick reliable results
  • Large graphical display with touch panel
  • User-friendly menu


Additional Features

  • Spectrum display (1024 channels)
  • Nuclide library
  • Half-life correction
  • Weight and spillover correction
  • Filling volume correction

Product Overview

LB 2045 with LB 6628-1 U

A 2" well-type detector is used as standard scintillation probe. The lead shielding of the 2" well-type crystal for the lab table has a thickness of approx. 35 mm on all sides. Moreover, a mobile lead chamber is available for 2" probes for Marinelli beakers (0.5 l) or well-type samples with a wall thickness of 50 mm lead. Thus, a large range of application options is available.

Gamma Spectrometer LB 2045

The measurement electronics LB 2045 is operated via softkeys (graphical buttons on the display) which are queried via a pressure-sensitive foil (touch panel). This allows very intuitive user guidance. Pulse height spectra can be depicted graphically and evaluated, for example, via ”regions of interest”. Several service functions are available: background measurement, energy calibration and spectrum recording.

For single sample measurements there is an interactive start and stop mode with corresponding protocol printouts. To facilitate measurement operation, a comprehensive nuclide library with one parameter set for each nuclide is available to the user.

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Technical Data

Energy ranges

0 - 256 keV

0 - 1024 keV

0 - 2048 keV

Data Acquisition&Computer

Display/Touch panelgraphical LC display 320 x 240 pixels
Memorymax. 70 spectra or 800 ROI values
Languagesgerman, english
General Specifications 
Temperature range

-5° C to +40° C

Relative humidity0 % to 90 % (no condensation)
External dimensions245 x 145 x 325 mm (W x H x D)

3.3 kg