LB 124 SCINT contamination monitor for α- and β-γ-Measurement

The LB 124 SCINT is a contamination monitor based on innovative scintillation technology for radiation protection.
It can be employed wherever contamination caused by radioactive substances is encountered and has to be monitored.



  • Simultaneous and separate α- and β-γ-measurement
  • Calibration factors for more than 50 nuclides
  • Calibration selectable according to ISO 7503-1 or related to activity on 100 cm² area
  • Protective grid with high transmission
  • Adjustable alarm thresholds
  • Acoustic alarm
  • RS232 interface
  • High sensitivity and uniform response
  • No counting gas required
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and rugged instrument
  • Wide temperature range


The Contamination Monitor LB 124 SCINT is a portable battery-powered instrument. It is comprised of a display unit with microprocessor electronics, a signal processing electronics and a ZnS-scintillator with photomultiplier and an active measurement area of 170 cm². Its sophisticated reflector geometry ensures that the response is extremely flat over the entire sensitive area. There are guides to mount an additional grating for better detector protection of to use a sample holder with drawer for activity measurement of small samples.

The LB 124 SCINT has an attractive and ergonomic design and due to its low weight it is easy to handle. Even under averse conditions, the measured results can be read easily on a large high-resolution display with background lighting.
A few directly accessible function keys suffice to operate the LB 124 SCINT. The instrument's surfaces can easily be decontaminated.
Different user profiles with different levels of complexity and access rights can be selected: Less experienced users may use the instrument as a simple, clearly structured system. For experienced users the software offers numerous functions and utilities, measurement modes and access to all parameters. Profiles can be configured password-protected and are pre-defined as EASY, STANDARD and EXPERT. The instrument has a large data memory and supports bi-directional communication via RS232. Program download and data transfer to a PC or printer are possible.

Display                       Monochrome LCD 192 x 64 pixel
Electro-luminescence illumination
Radiation detectorZnS(Ag) scintillator
Detection of lightPhotomultiplier (PMT)
Measurement modesα- and β-γ-measurement, simultaneous and separate, ratemeter, scaler-timer-mode, clearance measurement, survey mode
Entrance window’s dimensions118 mm × 145 mm
Sensitive area170 cm²
Entrance window’s material2 x 3 μm Plastic metallized (0.4 mg/cm²)
Protective Grid80 % Transmission
External dimensions240 mm × 140 mm × 110 mm (L x W x H)
Weight1300 g (with batteries)
AlarmAcoustic with adjustable alarm thresholds
Data memory1000 measured values with date & time
InterfaceRS232, headphone connection
Power supply

3 × C size batteries or NiMH batteries,
rechargeable by plug type power supply or alternatively in the wall mounting bracket

Max. operating time (without illumination)

> 50 h with alkaline batteries 7.8 Ah
> 25 h with NiMH batteries 4.5 Ah


Ambient Conditions
Temperature range-20 °C to +40 °C (operation)
-40 °C to +60 °C (storage)
Relative humidity0 % to 80 % (no condensation)
External pressure500 to 1300 hPa (operation)
100 to 1300 hPa (storage/transport)
Protection classIP 53 (according to IEC 60529)


Typical Efficiencies
(according to ISO 7503-1)
14C29 %(β-γ-channel)
36Cl69 %(β-γ-channel)
60Co58 %(β-γ-channel)
137Cs71 %(β-γ-channel)
241Am44 %(α-channel)
Backgroundapprox. 0.1 cps
approx. 10 cps
Gamma sensitivity
at 1 µSv/h (137Cs)
not detectable
< 100 cps
Spillover< 20 %
< 2 x 10-5
(α- to β-γ-channel)
(β-γ- to α-channel)
Measuring range
(Dead time < 10 %)
0 to 5.000 cps
0 to 50.000 cps
Overrange indicationat rates
> 50.000 cps
Suface response
max. ± 20 %          (α-channel with 241Am, β-γ-channel with 14C point sources)


Order Information and AccessoriesIdent. No.
Contamination MonitorLB 124 SCINT43727-10

Test source


200 Bq 90Sr

800 Bq 241Am



Aluminum caseLB 124-KB38164
Power supplyMultirange58067
Wall bracketfor LB 124 SCINT38789
additional protection gridfor LB 124 SCINT45355
Data cableD-Sub cable 3 m26204
Rechargeable batteries3 x NiMH 1.2V/4.5 AH40650
Floor trolleyfor LB 124 SCINT41028
Sample holder with drawerfor LB 124 SCINT40927



The Contamination Monitor LB 124 SCINT is a versatile and flexible instrument for practical radiation protection. It can be employed wherever contamination caused by radioactive substances is encountered and has to be monitored:

  • nuclear medicine
  • research
  • nuclear power plants
  • decommissioning of nuclear facilities
  • disposal of nuclear waste
  • environmental monitoring

The instrument is used to measure radioactive alpha and beta-gamma contaminations on surfaces such as floors, walls, desks, objects, clothing or skin.

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