LB 2045 Gamma Spectrometer

The LB 2045 is a modern gamma spectroscopy system for activity measurements in laboratories.
It is easy to operate and provides quick and reliable measurement results which are presented clearly arranged on a large graphical display with touch panel.
The instrument is ideally suited for nuclide-specific activity measurements in the radionuclide laboratory.


  • Connection for scintillator probes (NaI, CsI, BGO)
  • 3 different energy ranges
  • Spectrum presentation (1024 channels)
  • Graphical display (320 x 240 pixel) with touch panel
  • One or two energy windows
  • Nuclide library
  • Storage of spectra or ROI data
  • Half-life correction
  • Weight entry and spillover correction
  • Filling volume correction
  • Real-time clock
  • RS232 interface for printer/PC



System Description

The measurement electronics LB 2045 is a modular designed 1/2 19" system accommodated in a desktop housing comprising computer unit, graphical display with touch panel and power supply unit.

For data acquisition the measurement electronics includes two additional plug-in cards, a high voltage unit with preamplifier and an ADC for the acquisition of spectra.

The power supply unit is designed for all typical voltages from 90 – 260 VAC and 50 – 60 Hz; switchover is not required.

Function Description

The measurement electronics LB 2045 is operated via softkeys (graphical buttons on the display) which are queried via a pressure-sensitive foil (touch panel). This allows very intuitive user guidance.

Pulse height spectra can be depicted graphically and evaluated, for example, via ”regions of interest”. Several service functions are available: background measurement, energy calibration and spectrum recording.

The LB 2045 supports communication with an external PC or a printer via RS232 interface. New program versions can easily be downloaded from PC to the flash eprom using a terminal program.

Parameters and service functions are contained in a hierarchically structured, very clearly arranged and user-friendly menu.




1024 channels, 7 µs max. conversion time

Energy ranges

0 - 256 keV, 0 - 1024 keV, 0 - 2048 keV

Energy calibrationnon-linear empirical function (polynomial fit)
Region of interestmax. 2 ROIs
Nuclide library              max. 50 nuclides
Data Acquisition/Computer
Processor                Motorola MC68340 32 bit 16 MHz
Display/Touch panelGraphical LC display 320 x 240 pixel
Memorymax. 70 spectra or 762 ROI values
Serial interfaceRS232
LanguagesGerman, English
Access protectionPassword
General Specifications
High voltage supply         0-1300 Volt, polarity positive, resolution 12 bit
Power supply85-264 VAC, 47-65 Hz, (wide-range-input)
Protection classIP54
Temperature range-5° C to +40° C
Relative humidity0 % to 90 % (no condensation)
External dimensions245 x 145 x 325 mm (W x H x T)
Weight                            3.3 kg
SZ 50 U 8S8/2E-X Scintillation Probe
DetectorNaI crystal 2" x 2", with photomultiplier and voltage divider
Resolution7.5 % (FWHM) for Cs-137 662 keV
External diameter65 mm
Complete cable set                2 m





SZ 50 U 8SF8/2E-X Scintillation Probe (well-type)
Detector                               NaI crystal 2" x 2", well-type ø 19 mm x 39 mm, with photomultiplier and voltage divider
Resolution8.5 % (FWHM) for Cs-137 662 keV
External diameter65 mm
Complete cable set2 m



LB 6628-1 U scintillation probe with lab table shielding
Detector                               NaI crystal 2" x 2", well-type ø 19 mm x 39 mm, with photomultiplier and voltage divider
Resolution8.5 % (FWHM) for Cs-137 662 keV
External diameterall sides approx. 35 mm Pb
Weight20 kg


Shielding LB 7428 A
Lead chamber for 2" probes50 mm lead shielding for 0.4 l Marinelli beakers
Weightapprox. 75 kg



The gamma spectrometer LB 2045 has been designed for use in nuclear medicine, e. g. for in-vitro tests, radio-immunoassays or for the analysis of environmental samples, e. g. waste water, for for the detection of extremely low activities in food samples.

Various scintillation probes are available, e. g. for Marinelli beakers or for 2" well-type crystals.

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