LB 6360-H10 Low Dose Rate Probe

The LB 6360-H10 is a Proportional counter tube for Low Dose Rate measurements used in various radiation protection applications. The measured quantity is ambient dose equivalent H*(10) and ambient dose rate equivalent Ḣ*(10).



The Low Dose Rate - Gamma Probe LB 6360-H10 is suitable to measure low dose rate levels from background level up to 20 mSv/h.


The low dose rate probe LB 6360-H10 contains the following modules:

  • Energy compensated proportional counter tube
  • High voltage for the proportional counter tube (high voltage setting internally or via external control voltage)
  • Amplifier discriminator circuit

The operating voltage of the counter tube can be set via a control voltage input in order to control the counter tube function (e.g. for plateau recording).


The LB 6360-H10 dose rate probe has a type approval (PTB-Bauartzulassung) in combination with the LB 111 Micro Gamma data logger electronics:

  • LB 6360-H10: 23.71/04.02


Outdoor Mounting

For outdoor installation it has to be ensured that the probe is not exposed to an unacceptable temperature increase due to direct solar radiation. The probe has to be set up such that the cable connection is located at the bottom. Pipe clamps can be used as fastening devices.


Probe Connection

The connection is made via a firmly attached, screened 6-wire cable tail with free ends. The cable screen has to be connected to the measuring electronics earth (coaxial inside the cable glands). A voltage with a nominal value of 2.39 V has to be applied as operating voltage at the control voltage connection; however, the connection may also remain disabled (internal control voltage).



Dose Rate Probes

Dose rate range

    Type approved

30 nSv/h - 20 mSv/h

100 nSv/h - 20 mSv/h

Energy range

(PTB-type tested)

35 keV - 1.3 MeV ± 40 %

with regard to 137Cs and 0° angular response ± 45°

Intrinsic background

approx. 0.12 cps

Calibration factor0.123 µSv/h per cps
Operating voltage1700 V














Operating Conditions
Ambient temperature-20 °C to +60 °C
Relative humidity30 to 90 % condensing
Storage temperaturemax. 60 °C






General Data
Outer diameter53 mm
Lenght550 mm
Weightapprox. 1.6 kg
Protection degreeIP65





Dose rate probe for environmental gamma-monitoring or for local dose rate measurement

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