MEVIS - Measurement and Visualization Software

Measuring stations with different types of probes and sensors are used for a continuous monitoring of radioactivity.

MEVIS is a central data acquisition software to archive and visualize measuring data, provided by a whole network of these measuring stations, over long periods.



  • Permits a PC platform to collect data from all Berthold Technologies Logger Electronics
  • The data can be displayed on configurable graphs and tables
  • Monitoring for status and alarms with flexible alarm functions
  • Report function to export data in word format reports or into other data base formats
  • The data is organized in so called components and channels and stored in a customized, tamperproof database
  • Provides convenient long term ( > year ) graphics, tables and lists
  • All user functions are secured with hierarchical passwords
  • The data collection is done in background through dedicated drivers
  • Connection is possible either via Ethernet or serial communication

The core of the program is a measurement channel and status overview screen, which contains all necessary information about:

  • Configuration (channels, status inputs, data path)
  • Conversion of data (measuring range, calibration factors, conversion tables)
  • Evaluation of data (threshold values, alarm levels)
  • Operation and failure status of the measure­ment stations
  • Correlation of different data sets

In normal or routine operation the measured data from the probes and sensors are stored in the data logger of the measuring station. The obtained data are compared to alarm and failure thresholds. In regular time intervals, or on operator request, these data are transferred to the central station.

When an alarm or failure threshold is breached, the operators are warned. The alarm remains active as long as it wasn´t acquitted by the operator. Optional further alarm functions e.g. pager alarm, fax, e-mail or SMS transmission with text and actual measurement data are possible.

The central station can control the measuring channels remotely. This allows the transfer of parameter files to and from the measuring station, specific remote commands, etc.

All user functions, involving the modification of the configuration, the data acquisition and presentation on screen and printer, are secured with hierarchical passwords.

The measured data can be shown in tabular or graph form by the operator, as well as status and failure protocols. 

On the so called object depiction screen measurement information can be presented in digital, time- or bar-graph form on a floor plan map. In case an alarm is breached the background color of these indicators is changed (e.g. red).

With the use of a windows text processor (MS Word) several report forms can be defined into which all data, calculated results, graphs or tables can be pre-defined. Afterwards the corresponding actual values are automatically transferred into the report format with the “report”-function.

Operating systems  WinNT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit)
LAN Connections RS 232, RS 422, RS 485, Line driver or Modem, Ethernet via COM-server, Ethernet (F²C via TCP/IP)
WAN Connections to                Remote measuring equipment through modem, radio-link
Evaluation Centers (Central Computers)
Drivers to communicate withLB 111, LB 112, LB 126, LB 5310, LB 5340, LB 9000, BAI 9111, ADAM /ICP intelligent interfaces for other signals
External signalingGSM, pager, SMS messaging, e-mailing
Configurations                                                                              Stand alone Central station
Master / Slave redundant configuration
Master – Auxiliary Visualization Unit configuration




Available Versions
For max. 3 monitors, shows only graphs and tables, serial data transmission only, Ethernet via COM-server
Device numbersmax. 3
Member numbersmax. 10
Example                             3 x LB 9000 with 10 channels each

Standard version for medium size radiation protection networks, serial data transmission, Ethernet direct (F²C via TCP/IP)

Stationsmax. 99
Channelsmax. 99 (for special applications up to 260 channels)
Componentsmax. 99

Software package





  • MKT: Visualization in tabular or graphic form
  • MKO: Communication processor - communicates with the monitors
  • MMZ: Message Center - generates local and remote alarms (SMS, e-mail ...)
  • MSK: Administration of other program modules (simultaneous start ...)







  • Collection, visualization and evaluation of radiological measurement data
  • Alarming and Reporting of radiological data
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