Radiation Protection in Emergencies

For radiation protection during nuclear emergencies the measurement of

are of special importance. Measurements of these quantities are providing quantitative descriptions of nuclear hazards. Comparison of measured values with legal limits and safety requirements allows for assessments of real situations and their risks. Measurement is anyway indispensible as values of these quantities might vary by many orders of magnitude and because human beings are not capable for sensing ionizing radiation. As a well-known German manufacturer of nuclear instruments with more than 60 years of experience we recommend here the following types of measurements and instruments.

On the following links and documents you´ll get information about radiation protection and recommended instruments for radiation protection in nuclear emergencies. 

LB 200 Becquerel Monitor for activity measurement in foodstuffs

LB 200 Becquerel Monitor for activity measurement in foodstuffs
The LB 200 is a very easy to use instrument for the determination of gamma activity in food, liquids and bulk solids.

LB 134 UMo II as Dose Rate Monitor

LB 134 Universal Monitor II

The LB 134 Universal Monitor II can be used to measure radioactive alpha and beta-gamma contaminations on surface su

LB 2045 Gamma Spectrometer

LB 2045 Gamma Spectrometer
The LB 2045 is a modern gamma spectroscopy system for activity measurements in laboratories.