Two new versions of the LB 6760 GAMMAcast detector

Berthold proudly presents two new versions of their mold level detector LB 6760 GAMMAcast. As a direct request from several key-customers in the steel industry, we now introduce two shorter versions of the LB 6760 GAMMAcast detector since space typically is a limiting factor in the continuous casting application. Both versions; one with and one without water-cooling, are 60 mm shorter than the standard detector enabling a more compact mold design.

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Desalter Multiphase Level Measurement

Desalter / Separator operators within the Oil producing and refining industries are faced with ever tightening environmental regulations regarding the reintroduction of effluent to waterways. To ensure the efficient control of water/oil interface levels in desalters and interface levels operators are increasingly turning to Radiometrics for an accurate solution to their level problems

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Berthold Technologies and Titertek-Berthold join forces

Bad Wildbad, Germany, 13. December 2016 / - We are pleased to announce that Titertek-Berthold / Berthold Detection Systems GmbH and the life science business of Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co. KG (“Bioanalytic”) will join forces, effective January 1, 2017 to deliver even greater benefits to our combined customers and business partners through a broadened portfolio of system solutions for the life science laboratory: These range from small standalone readers, such as microvolume spectrometers and luminometers to various dedicated and multimode readers, microplate washers, microplate workstations, RIA and ELISA automation products and high-end imaging systems.

The Berthold Technologies group operates from the Bad Wildbad/Germany headquarter, and has affiliate companies and strong partners globally. All activities of Titertek-Berthold will be moved to the Berthold Technologies headquarter. The newly combined life science business unit will be led by Dr. Anselm Berthold, owner and president of Titertek-Berthold and shareholder of Berthold Technologies GmbH.

The products of Titertek-Berthold / Berthold Detection Systems GmbH and the life science business of Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co. KG (“Bioanalytic”) have been trusted by scientists in basic research, pharmaceutical, biomedical and applied markets laboratories across the globe for more than half a century.


Bad Wildbad, Germany
Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co. KG
Horst Knauff, CEO


Pforzheim, Germany
Titertek-Berthold/Berthold Detection Systems GmbH
Dr. Anselm Berthold, President



BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES launches FlowStar² LB 514 Radio Detector

FlowStar² LB 514 Radio DetectorWith over 50 years of experience Berthold Technologies is taking radio-HPLC flow detection to the next level. Designed for maximum sensitivity, safety and flexibility the FlowStar² LB 514 sets the new standard for what a radio-HPLC flow detector should be. The convenient dual analogue output enables easy integration into your HPLC systems and a comfortable touch screen provides additional operation flexibility

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Density Transmitter DuoSeries LB 474

DuoSeries LB 474 is the new radiometric density system from Berthold based on real 2 wire technology, succeeding our top-selling density measurement system LB 444. The DuoSeries LB 474 density transmitter is characterized by an advanced, customer­driven operation.

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New fracturing densitometer FracSENS LB 6770

New fracturing densitometer FracSENS LB 6770 Rugged Densitometer for Hydraulic Fracturing and Cementing Applications. The FracSENS LB 6770 directly connects to the customer control system. A transmitter unit is not needed at all.

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NUMo - New Universal Monitor LB 134

Our newly developed LB 134 Universal Monitor II is the follower of our well-known LB 123 UMo.

With an integrated Geiger-Müller counter tube it is possible to measure directly gamma dose and dose rate in ambient dose equivalent H*(10). The NUMo also can be used to measure radioactive alpha and beta-gamma contaminations on surface such as floors, walls, desks, objects, clothing and or skin as well as neutron dose rate due to the possibility to connect a variety of Berthold probes.
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Level Transmitter DuoSeries LB 470

DuoSeries LB 470 is the radiometric level system from Berthold based on real 2 wire technology succeeding our top-selling level transmitter LB 440. Like its predecessor model, the measuring system DuoSeries stands out by a particularly excellent performance with high accuracy and repeatability of level. Read more

Forum LABO Innovation Trohpy: bScreen is one of the top 3 innovative instruments

Berthold Technologies’ new bScreen label-free µArray reader was selected among the top 3 most innovative products at the Forum LABO Biotech exhibition held in Paris in spring 2015. The bScreen was honored due to its unique technology that helps to increase productivity in the laboratory. The jury highlighted the high throughput capabilities of the bScreen that  come without compromises in the measurement performance in terms of sensitivity and information accessible. This way, the bScreen closes the gap between µArray formats and label-free approaches.

bScreen label-free high-throughput reader launched

The bScreen LB 911 label-free high-throughput reader for biomolecular interaction studies is now available. Exclusively featuring the SCORE-technology from our Partner Biametrics, the bScreen combines the performance of µArray formats with the information available from label-free technologies. This way, the complete binding kinetics of up to 22,500 individual interactions can be analysed in a single run, making the bScreen the ideal solution when it comes to time optimization, efficiency and throughput. The bScreen is the instrument of choice in applications such as epitope mapping, diagnostic and pharmaceutical screening as well as consumer safety tasks. Read more

Label-Free Kinetic Interaction Analysis

Through the recently signed partnership with Biametrics GmbH, a spin-off of Tübingen University, Berthold Technologies is able to offer label-free detection solutions for kinetic interaction analysis. The bScreen LB 991 is a bench-top instrument based on the proprietary 1λ-Reflectometric Interference Detection (1λ-RIDe) for kinetic label-free bio-molecular interaction monitoring and analysis. It is working with microarray slides, good for detecting up to 10,000 interactions within one run, thus closing the gap between conventional µArray approaches and currently available label-free techniques.
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Level measurement

The Process Control division offers non-contacting level measurement technology for use in a variety of industrial sectors. As global leader in radiometric technology the level gauges provided by Berthold are unique in terms of reliability and long-term stability – the more than 20,000 measurement systems that are in operation worldwide are a proof of that every day.
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Instruments for Radiation Protection

The Radiation Protection Division develops, manufactures and distributes extremely sensitive and reliable radiation monitors for radiation protection and health physics in research, nuclear medicine, nuclear engineering and also for nuclear decommissioning. These instruments are mainly for the measurement of:

Microplate Readers and in vivo Imagers

The Bioanalytic division develops and manufactures single and multi-label microplate readers for a multitude of life sciences applications like reporter genes, Calcium, ATP, caspases, kinases, GPCRs, cAMP, DNA concentration, protein concentration, immunoassays, oxidative burst and many more.

In vivo imaging of luciferase and GFP expression as well as other luminescent and fluorescent marker are the turf for the small animal and plant imaging systems NightOWL and NightSHADE with a set of dedicated add-ons, e.g. anaesthesia unit or LED growth illumination.

Tube luminometers, Gamma counters for RIA and Chromium release and HPLC radio detectors used in metabolism and PET applications complete the range of products.

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Korean ECcast project successfully completed

In November last year, two more ECcast systems were successfully put in operation. These systems were originally sold to SMS Concast in Switzerland and were subsequently installed in a Korean steel plant in Busan called Taewoong Steel. Overall, the commissioning went swiftly and smoothly and the systems have now been successfully in operation for about three months.

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Solution for the Sugar Industry

BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES measurement solutions are perfectly tailored for appli­cations in the sugar industry - Sugar Beet and Sugar Cane Processing

Sugar Industry

Nireco Corporation now exclusive provider of solutions from BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES

For more than 60 years, the German based company, Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co KG has provided measurement solutions to all major steel producers around the world. In order to enhance the market presence in Japan, Berthold now partners with Nireco Corporation. The Japanese based company, is the exclusive provider of Berthold Technologies’ products and solutions for the Japanese steel market.

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S-Tec Sensor Technology AS joins BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES

Recently the Norwegian based company Sensor Technology AS (S-Tec) has joined BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES - the worldwide leading supplier of radiometric instruments for process control. S-Tec is a specialist for nucleonic gauges as well; with their vast experience in the oil & gas industry they perfectly fit into Berthold’s growth strategy.

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Solutions for Pulp and Paper Production

BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES‘ measurement systems are used in pulp mills all over the world to monitor critical processes and to improve production efficiency.

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Solutions for Oil and Gas Production

Our radiometric level and density systems are installed on Drilling Rigs, Production Platforms, FPSOs and Oil Terminals and provide highly accu­rate and repeatable readings, – the base for a profitable and safe opera­tion. For more information please see our product page: Oil & Gas Industry

Excellent result in the FPAL audit

Berthold was subject to an FPAL verification audit of all the aspects related to environmental protection, occupational health and safety, training of personnel and professional competence. This audit resulted in a report, where Berthold scored particularly well. Read more

Radiometric level measurement for products with natural radioactivity

Special applications require special solutions. It is not unusual that products where the level is measured contain natural radioactivity. For example, in the processing of uranium ores where the level of uranium sludge is measured.

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