Moisture Measurement on Bales of Lucerne, Tobacco and others

Reliable moisture control with MicroPolar to scan the bale and measure the moisture inside the bale - non-contacting and very accurate Read more

Label-Free Kinetic Interaction Analysis

Through the recently signed partnership with Biametrics GmbH, a spin-off of Tübingen University, Berthold Technologies is able to offer label-free detection solutions for kinetic interaction analysis. The bScreen LB 991 is a bench-top instrument based on the proprietary 1λ-Reflectometric Interference Detection (1λ-RIDe) for kinetic label-free bio-molecular interaction monitoring and analysis. It is working with microarray slides, good for detecting up to 10,000 interactions within one run, thus closing the gap between conventional µArray approaches and currently available label-free techniques.
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Interface and Multiphase Level Measurement

The interface position between two liquid phases or the height of different product layers can be easily determined with the radiometric measurement solutions from Berthold. Our products are even used to monitor emulsion layers.

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SENSseries detectors approved for SIL2 and SIL3 applications!

The radiometric gauge SENSseries LB 480 is awarded SIL2/SIL3 certification. Thus Berthold Technologies is the first supplier providing SIL certified radiometric systems for both level (point level / continuous level) and density measurements. ...

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Level measurement

The Process Control division offers non-contacting level measurement technology for use in a variety of industrial sectors. As global leader in radiometric technology the level gauges provided by Berthold are unique in terms of reliability and long-term stability – the more than 20,000 measurement systems that are in operation worldwide are a proof of that every day.
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Instruments for Radiation Protection

The Radiation Protection Division develops, manufactures and distributes extremely sensitive and reliable radiation monitors for radiation protection and health physics in research, nuclear medicine, nuclear engineering and also for nuclear decommissioning. These instruments are mainly for the measurement of:

Microplate Readers and in vivo Imagers

The Bioanalytic division develops and manufactures single and multi-label microplate readers for a multitude of life sciences applications like reporter genes, Calcium, ATP, caspases, kinases, GPCRs, cAMP, DNA concentration, protein concentration, immunoassays, oxidative burst and many more.

In vivo imaging of luciferase and GFP expression as well as other luminescent and fluorescent marker are the turf for the small animal and plant imaging systems NightOWL and NightSHADE with a set of dedicated add-ons, e.g. anaesthesia unit or LED growth illumination.

Tube luminometers, Gamma counters for RIA and Chromium release and HPLC radio detectors used in metabolism and PET applications complete the range of products.

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New Microwave brochure

The brochure contains detailed product information about available instruments and possible configurations along with a selection guide... Read more

Simply smart – the new radiometric densitometer SmartSeries

Berthold Technologies is introducing a new densitometer, based on the non-contacting gamma transmission technology. The SmartSeries LB 414 detector measures density, concentration and solids content online and on all kind of slurries and liquids.

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New: ECcast - Electromagnetic Mould Level System

Berthold Technologies announces the availability of the new electromagnetic mould level system ECcast. ECcast measures the level of molten metal reliably and extremely precisely, and is not affected by casting powder or slag.

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Carbon in Fly-Ash Monitor

The Berthold analyzer Micro-Polar Moist LB 568 provides an accurate and reliable online measurement of the carbon content in fly ash. The real-time information about the proportion of unburnt ash can be used to improve the combustion rate and boiler efficiency.

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