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All measurement solutions are contactless and non-intrusive. Thus, there is no exposure to process media and therefore, our products are unaffected by acidic, caustic, abrasive, dusty or sticky conditions.

  • Easy mounting on existing installation
    - No down-time
    - No modifications
  • Free of wear and maintenance

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  • Online measurement: real-time process information
  • Excellent reading stability: no need for frequent recalibration
  • Ruggedness: no moving parts
  • High reliability: high accuracy with very good reproducibility
  • Outstanding sensitivity: excellent results even with remarkably low source activities

Mining & processing industry — the applications

Measuring the potassium content for the potash industry

Potassium content measurement for the potash industry is a very difficult and challenging measurement. It is a necessary component of the production process and essential to the efficient production of potash. Potassium contains the radioactive isotope K-40. This isotope is only found in extremely small quantities in the ore itself. The detection of the K-40 requires an extremely sensitive and superior stable measurement system, which must be capable of suppressing the inherent background radiation in order to obtain an optimal signal-to-noise ratio. Through the detection of K-40, the concentration of K2O or KCl can be measured. Berthold has the perfect solution for the challenging task providing accurate potassium measurements with the potassium analyser LB 474.

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Measuring the density for dredging applications

Berthold also has a suitable solution for this demanding measuring task. The radiometric density measuring system from Berthold is used for online monitoring of the solid concentration. Extreme measuring conditions like vibration, weather or varying particle size and composition don't effect the measuring performance. Due to the sophisticated stabilization of the detector performance, the highly accurate measuring results are guaranteed for many years of operation and no maintenance is required at any time. With thousands of systems in operation worldwide, the LB 474 has proven to be a reliable measuring solution for dredging applications, providing high levels of accuracy and operational safety.

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Measuring the solids content in the thickener

Large volume thickening tanks are used in mining to con­centrate the ore or minerals contained in sludge. Solids settle on the bottom of the thickener and from there they will be removed from the vessel via an underflow outlet. The sludge leaving the thickener should have a fairly high solids content. However, pumps and pipes can become clogged if too many solids are withdrawn at once.
The solids content in the underflow is monitored con­tinuously by the radiometric density measurement Smart­Series LB 414. The robust stainless steel device provides reliable measurements with excellent accuracy and repro­ducibility over many years. The integrated control panel allows for easy and quick start-up. Measured values are displayed on-site.

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Bulk flow and mass flow measurement

The use of conveyors in the mining and mineral processing industry are one of the most effective ways of transporting bulk materials (e.g. overburden, wood chips) continuously over long distances. In order to optimize relevant processes (e.g. boiler operation, the amount of fibers that are fed into the tank) the amount of material transported by conveyors needs to be monitored and controlled. By combining the measured conveyer load with a velocity signal, accurate information of the mass flow can be achieved. Using the DuoSeries LB 472 / LB 474, the mass flow of solids on conveyors or in pipelines can be measured by means of contactless technology. The measurement performance remains very stable over years of operation. Thus, frequent recalibrations are not required.

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Measuring concentrations on all kind of slurries and suspensions

Mineral slurries are often used to transport crushed material, concentrate or tailings suspended in liquid (often water) over long distances. To maintain the optimal transport in pipelines the ratio of solids and liquid needs to be kept in a tight concentration window. If the solid content is too high, the friction and therefore the stress on the pipeline and pumps would drastically increase. On the other hand, if the amount of water is too high, one would waste one of the most precious resources. Since slurries and other mining suspensions are often very abrasive, corrosive and viscous, many measuring methods are not able to reliably measure concentrations under these conditions or would not withstand them long enough to be economically viable.
Berthold provides for this application a non-contacting and non-intrusive measurement technique, which is therefore long-lasting and without future maintenance. The concentration of slurries and suspensions are measured continuously by the Smart Series LB 414, DuoSeries LB 474 or SensSeries LB 480.

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Measuring level in autoclaves

Autoclaves are commonly used in the mining industry as pre-treatment solution. For example, in ore plants a process called pressure oxidation is used for extracting noble metals (e.g. gold, copper, zinc, molybdenum, and uranium) out of refractory ores. This pre-treatment process takes place in large autoclaves. In order to enable the oxidation reaction, the refractory ore is fed to the autoclave as a slurry, where it is treated at elevated temperature and pressure. For this pre-treatment method, the level of ore slurry needs to be monitored continuously to guarantee a safe and optimized procedure and utilization of the autoclave. Due to the temperature (200–250 °C) and pressure (approx. 35 bar) conditions the walls of those autoclaves are too thick (around 300 mm) to apply conventional measurement solutions. Radiometric level measurement is the only technology to provide long-term, reliable results under those extreme conditions. The level in autoclaves is measured continuously by the Uni-Probe LB 490 and SensSeries LB 480.

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Detector retrofit program to improve your production

Especially in low radiation conditions, our highly sensitive detectors improve the signal to noise ratio, what is resulting in superior measurement performance compared to competing systems. Source replacement is costly, time consuming, and does not work towards a reduction in overall site source activity.

Berthold's retrofit solution


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