Technical Features

  • Reliable online concentration measurement
  • Representative output with microwave transmission measurement through entire pipe or through product stream
  • No wear of components
  • Precise measurement with only one calibration coefficient even with different sludges
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Maintenance-free measuring system


Customer benefits

  • Increased efficiency of the biological stage
  • Reliable determination of the dry substance of the excess sludge
  • Non-optical measurement, therefore unaffected by impurities

Measuring total solids in the return and secondary sludge

The MicroPolar microwave measuring system uses the dielectric property of water. The measuring system generates microwaves that interact with the dipolar water molecules and causes them to rotate This interaction causes an attenuation of the microwave energy, which can be detected as phase shift and attenuation. Since the phase shift and attenuation change is directly proportional to the water content, the concentration of the medium can be determined with high accuracy.
Berthold‘s superior multi-frequency technology provides very stable and reliable measurements that are unaffected by interfering reflections or resonances. The microwave power of a MicroPolar measurement system is so low (max. 10 mW) that the material being measured is neither heated nor altered in any way.

Berthold's measurement solution

MicroPolar LB 566

MicroPolar is the latest microwave based online analyzer for the reliable measurement of dry substance, water content, or density (e.g. in g/l, Brix, or °Bé).

Microwave FlowCell

Microwave FlowCell with EHEDG certification from DN 50 - DN 150